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Wood Wall Paneling

When designing the interior decoration of a building, one of the main parts is wall paneling. In the past, people mainly used paint to cover the walls, and in recent years, wallpaper has also become very popular. But recently, wooden wall paneling has been introduced as one of the newest methods for covering walls, which has been able to occupy a special place due to modern styles in home decoration design.  If you are renovating a building or you want to design your new house, it is not bad to get acquainted with the characteristics and benefits of wooden paneling and then decide if you want to cover some parts of the walls with wood or not.

What is Wooden Wall Paneling?

One of the most obvious differences between interior design in recent years and the past is the use of combined methods to cover the walls. In the past, people painted the whole building with only one color, but now interior designers believe that if a combination of several methods is used for the living room area, it will be more attractive. For this purpose, the living room should be thoroughly examined to determine the focal point of the house. The design of the walls and the decoration in the focal point should be different from other parts so that this difference can increase the beauty of the area. Wooden wall paneling is mainly used for the focal point of the building.

To make wooden wall coverings, very beautiful timbers are used. As woods come in a variety of colors and designs, it enhances the beauty of the building, especially if you can gather a combination of dark and light woods together.

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Installation Process of Wooden Panels

Installation Process of Wooden Panels

Installing wooden wall paneling requires its own special conditions and that is why you should leave this task to experts. For this purpose, it is first necessary to determine the exact area of the wall, so that the designers can calculate the area of the wall with a laser meter to determine exactly how much wood will be needed for the wall covering.

In the next step, proper infrastructure must be done. To be designed through wood, the wall must have a perfectly smooth and even surface. Therefore, if necessary, you should make repairs to different parts of the wall and then check the uniformity of the surface.

In cases where the wall of the building is made of plaster, paint, cement or tile, wooden wall covering will be designed and installed with glue. But if you have used wood veneer in your building before and now you want to change the wood, you can put new timber on the old timber through very small nails. In this case, the air pump device is used to inject small nails into the wood.

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Advantages of Wooden Wall Coverings

Some people decide to design a part of their interior decoration with this type of cover only because of the beauty aspects. But it is better to increase your information about each of the materials used in interior decoration. In this case, you will become more familiar with their range of effectiveness.

The most important advantages of using wooden wall paneling are:

– The first advantage of wooden wall covering is to increase the beauty, attraction and tranquility of the area. The combination of various patterns and colors of timbers creates a very beautiful design and duplicates the grace of the building. Wood, on the other hand, is a natural substance, so the environment is more relaxed.

– Woods have different types and in terms of strength are classified into different groups. If you use very strong woods, they will be highly resistant to impact. Of course, do not forget that for wooden wall coverings, you should go for those lumbers that are scratch-resistant, because, with the slightest hits of a device on the wall panels, cracks will be created on it.

– Some people think that using wooden wall coverings means opening a way for pests to enter the building. whereas the wood used for wallcoverings is completely resistant to insects, fungi and bacteria.

– As you know, wood is known as one of the best materials for heat and sound insulation. So wood veneer helps to reduce energy dissipation in your building and on the other hand in apartment buildings, reduces noise transmission.

Wood paneling will still work even when it loses the beauty and you decide to replace it with new wood. For example, at this time, these woods can be used to make disposable wooden pallets. So in general, wooden wallcoverings are environmentally friendly.

– Mostly the wood used for wall paneling has a high moisture resistance, which is why it has been used many times in the construction of your villas, and in some cases, even the entire walls of the building may have been designed with wood; that’s Because the humidity does not affect it and there is no risk of getting swollen. – The woods selected for wood wall paneling have dimensional stability. In fact, temperature fluctuation inside the building doesn’t lead to expansion and contraction of wood, and as a result, dimensional changes do not occur inside it.

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advantages of wood wall paneling


In addition to the advantages of wood wall paneling, it is not bad to look at the disadvantages and limitations of using this type of covering for interior design:

– The application of wood will definitely affect the lighting of the environment, which is why decoration designers believe that in buildings where the amount of incoming light is very low, it is better not to go for wood wall coverings or limit the usage amount; Because wood will make your building darker.

– On the other hand, the cost of manufacturing and installing wood wall covering will be more than other methods, such as painting or wallpaper.

– Unfortunately, we have to state the fact that some sellers offer very low-quality wooden wall panels, and within a few months, you will see wood lumber getting swollen or peeled off. So it’s better to go to a reputable wood company and get help from experts in this field to have the best wooden wall paneling.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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