What Type Of Wood Is Used To Make A Wooden Roof Garden?

What is a roof garden?

If you have a look at the construction process in recent decades, you will find apartments having been replaced by villas, and as a result, people have been deprived of a garden and a small green space. But fortunately, there are still styles and methods that help you to enjoy a beautiful green space, even inside of an apartment.

Rooftop Garden, for example, is one of the most beautiful and best ideas and makes even multi storey buildings have a beautiful green space on the roof. There are different types of rooftop gardens, and in this article, we want to talk about wooden roof gardens. If you also live in a multi storey residential building and you want to create a small, very beautiful, attractive and pleasant space on the roof of the building, read this article to get familiar with the advantages of a wooden roof garden, the construction methods and the effect it has on people’s mental tranquility.

What is a Rooftop Garden?

First of all, it’s better to have a definition of a rooftop garden. When it comes to designing a roof garden, it means having a beautiful green space for leisure time, which is also called a green roof. In residential and commercial apartment buildings where there is no space to have a garden, you can create a very small garden on the roof and the residents of the building can go there during the break to drink tea, have dinner and even do family outings.

The use of vegetation, how to use very attractive decorative items and even picking up very beautiful furniture, suitable for a roof garden, will help you to have a very pleasant environment. There are several styles of green roof design that can be referred to as a wooden rooftop garden. Since the roof garden is supposed to take you to the heart of nature, so the application of wood will make it more natural.

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What is the Meaning of Wooden Rooftop Garden?

Suppose you have gone to the heart of nature and a beautiful forest is in front of you, and you prefer to take the path in the heart of the forest instead of continuing this road to the end. In the forest, as there are more natural elements, you will feel more relaxed and the environment will not be dull. Let us now generalize the same thing to roof garden.

If you use a wooden roof garden, since the feeling of nature is closer to you, the few hours you take rest on the green roof will be really enjoyable times of the day. You stay away from negative thoughts for a few hours. In the wooden rooftop garden, suitable wood is used to cover the walls and floor, and even all the items inside the roof garden, including furniture and some decorative items, are made of wood. All these elements help you to feel the nature on your green roof as if you have stepped into a small and simulated forest.

During the construction of the roof garden, taking into account the problem of insulation and the load bearing capacity of the roof, static calculations should be done in a healthy way.

Advantages of Using a Wooden Rooftop Garden

As mentioned, there are different types of rooftop gardens, but in this article, we will talk about the wooden roof garden and its advantages so that you can better design a green roof.

  • The first advantage of a wooden roof garden is to increase the natural feeling on the green roof. As mentioned, as wood is a completely natural material, it increases the feeling of refreshing in the environment. Since the green roof is supposed to simulate a small garden for you, so the more wooden furniture there is in the environment, the more tranquility it will bring to you.
  • On the other hand, since woods are available in different designs and colors, using them in different parts of the rooftop garden such as walls and floors and even furniture and equipment, will make the green space more impressive.
  • If you use a type of wood that is resistant to moisture and sunlight, the lifespan of a wooden roof garden will definitely be longer than other styles. For instance, thermowood is one of the most suitable types of wood for the roof garden. When wood enters high temperature and high-pressure furnaces and withstands high temperatures for long periods under vacuum conditions, it will become resistant to rot, sunlight and pathogens such as fungi. So thermowood is the best option for rooftop garden design.
  • Another advantage of wooden roof garden should be considered in the insulation of wood against heat. In the winter, when you want to go to your green roof and take a rest for some hours, the wood will definitely reduce the heat dissipation inside the environment and keep your roof garden warmer.
  • The sound insulation of wood is another advantage of a wooden roof garden because when you walk on the green roof, the sound of your footsteps and even the sound of conversations will not disturb the neighbors downstairs.
  • Wooden rooftop garden will also help to reduce the costs. Firstly, because the energy dissipation is reduced, you will pay less for energy to manage the environment. On the other hand, as the durability and strength of wood is very high, the useful life of the roof garden is increased and there is no need for repairs in short periods. You will once pay for the design of a very high-quality wooden roof garden and then, you will be sure that you can have a beautiful green space for many years.
  • To design a wooden roof garden, heat-resistant and fire-resistant woods will definitely be used. Because in summer, when the sun shines brightly on the roof, this can increase the risk of fire. But it is necessary to know that in designing a wooden roof garden, they go for different types of wood, such as thermowood, which not only has a high resistance to fire but also if another part of the roof catches fire, it will prevent from advancing.

This is a good alternative for those who want to be surrounded by plants all the time.

Tips for Designing a Wooden Rooftop Garden

  • To make a wooden roof garden, you must use a type of wood that is very resistant to rot, sunlight and fungi. Therefore, when deciding to purchase, you should go to companies that you are sure will offer quality and original wood.
  • Our suggestion is to use the woods in bold colors. That’s because weather conditions and sunlight can affect even the most resistant types of wood, and over time you will see the color of the wood fading.
  • The variety of colors and designs of wood used in the wooden roof garden will make it more beautiful. Therefore, in designing a wooden roof garden, be sure to get help from experienced and skilled experts in this field.

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The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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