Buying White Oak Timber (Boards, Veneer, Etc.) Price 2023

White Oak Timber

Oak is a plant species of Quercus genus and its native is Southern Europe and Anatolia. Turkey, Syria and Lebanon in West Asia; This is the natural distribution area of Central and Eastern Europe and Southwest Europe. Scientific Name: Quercus alba is the most prominent of all trees and is widespread throughout eastern North America. The oak tree is a very long-lived tree and its average lifespan is 400 years.

They consume a lot of water. They like the shady areas. It grows in humid areas, it is a type of tree that is easy to cut, easy to paint and easy to varnish.

In this section, we will talk about mexican white oak pros and cons and other white oaks:

White Oak wood


  • Original name: White oak
  • Scientific name: Quercus alba

the extent

  • Distribution: Eastern United States

White oak wood is very stable in terms of resistance to decay. It is often used in the construction of boats. It works well with hand tools and machines and it is easy to work with it.

white oak wood

The oak tree is a tree or shrub from the beech family, which has approximately 600 different species around the world. Oak trees have a long life and in some cases, an oak tree lives for more than 1000 years. Oak is one of the woods that can be found in most parts of the world. There are two main types of this wood: red and white. The seeds of both plants are the same, but the white oak is much lighter and brighter than the red oak.

In the past, white oak was used to make ships because this wood has waterproof properties. It has a good smell that is common in most oaks. Most of them have an attractive smell. Although severe reactions against the sawdust of this wood are very rare. But oak has been reported as an allergenic wood. The most common reactions include eye and skin irritation, as well as asthma-like symptoms.

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White oak wood is very widely used. For example: Cabinets, furniture, interior decorations, flooring, furniture and wood veneer.

Among other applications: kitchen cabinet, door, construction, furniture, floor, carpentry, and interior and exterior architecture, exterior curtain, mold, panel, wooden bridge, oak barrel, coffin, wooden door, etc.

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white oak wood furniture

White oak wood is one of the most famous and popular woods used in furniture making. It can be used for a long time with the same initial quality. Oak wood has high strength. Furniture made from oak is harder than other similar materials such as mahogany and pine.

If you are one of those busy families, the best option for you is oak wood. The furniture made from this wood has a special beauty and has many fans in Europe and America.

See below: white oak living room furniture

white oak living room furniture

antique white oak furniture

Choose from an assortment of styles, material and more with respect to the antique white oak dining table you’re looking for at 1stDibs. Frequently made of wood, oak and reclaimed wood, every antique white oak dining table was constructed with great care.

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white oak dining table

One of the essential items in the house is the dining table, which you can order according to the dimensions of your house and in harmony with other items in the house. The dining table is produced in wooden, melamine, metal and MDF types. A dining table with white oak wood is an ideal choice. You can use white oak wood to make the legs and top of the dining table.

Many of our customers ask, “Is white oak good for a dining room table?” Furniture made from these types of wood is very strong and durable. White oak is the classic wood for making dining tables – it is hard and capable of long-term use.

white oak wood color

The center of the trunk (heart of the wood) is light to medium brown, which usually tends to olive. The whole wood is almost white to light brown.

white oak wood price

You can buy white oak wood from our site. The price of white oak wood is expensive. It is usually slightly more expensive than red oak. But this is worth against its positive characteristics. The oak tree grows slowly and it takes years to produce wood from it. This is an important reason for the high price of it.


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