Spruce Timber Order – Its Characteristics, Species And Use In Woodworking Industry

Spruce wood

Spruce is a type of wood that can be shaped according to the place of use and is often used in decoration. It has proven its quality as a primary wood material. The most important feature of spruce wood is its fibrous structure. Thanks to this structure it is possible to produce old furniture. Spruce tree, which has a resin-free structure, does not crack. It is of good quality and there is no problem, it gives good results in the color and finishing stage. It is produced from a native tree. It is waterproof and has a long shelf life.

Spruce timber, which has a smooth and strong structure, can be used in many areas. Since it can be of different sizes and structures, it is compatible with many environments. We can list the areas of use of Spruce wood as follows.

  • Wooden stairs
  • Indoors and outdoors
  • Furniture
  • Garden furniture
  • Truck boxes
  • Garden fences
  • Fences
  • Wooden scaffolding

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Spruce Timber

Everything you need to know about spruce wood

The lumber you can use in all your projects is made from spruce wood. Heartwood does not differ in color. The middle part has the characteristics of mature wood and the wood is yellowish-white.

It is easy to process, can be peeled, has good screw properties. Adheres well, can be colored. Painting and finishing is good. Dries quickly and well, has less tendency to crack. It has a uniform texture, its fibers are smooth and easily split.

In general, it is used in carpentry and carpentry, box making, musical instruments, mining bars, packaging and paper, fiber wood, plywood making, ship mast making.

Applications of Spruce wood in various industries

Is spruce wood good?

 Spruce wood is widely used in furniture making, cabinet making, wooden decoration, wooden villa, wooden cottage, wooden house, wooden prefab house, gazebo, etc. Spruce wood has the lowest hardness among hardwoods and is considered a soft and flexible wood. One of the cases of using Spruce wood is in making wooden cabinets.

This wood has a lower price compared to other woods used in making cabinets, such as cherry  wood and oak wood.

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Types of Spruce wood

You can find Spruce wood in different sizes in terms of length and width. You can choose the one that is right for you among the Bulgarian, Russian and Ukrainian Spruce species. It can be produced in different structures and sizes according to each sector.

Spruce wood can be harvested at the age of 6 to 15 years of this tree. The height of this tree in this period of time can reach about twenty five meters. Spruce wood is one of the most used woods in wood and furniture industry. The wood of a young spruce tree is white and sometimes greenish, and the older it gets, the color of the wood becomes closer to brown.

Types of Spruce wood

Spruce tree

Spruce trees, which belong to the pine family, can vary in height from 20 to 65 meters. The seeds are inside their own cones. The cones mature and fall to the ground in the fall. It is possible to multiply in this way and it is also used as an ornamental plant or for greening parks and gardens.

Spruce trees are resistant to cold weather and severe conditions. Their lifespan can be up to 300 years.

Spruce trees come in many varieties, and their varieties have spread to many parts of the world. It can be grown in high altitudes because it likes moist soil and rain and is resistant to cold.

It is one of the long-lived tree species. Its height can reach 65 meters. Its branches grow parallel to the ground. Its body color is gray.

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Is spruce expensive?

 As Finland Wood forest products, we try to provide the best quality fir wood at the most affordable price. Spruce wood price information may vary depending on the size and quality of the wood. You can contact us for detailed information in this regard.

Is spruce the same as pine?

This is an easy thing to remember: on pine trees, the needles are attached to the branches in bunches. On fir trees, the needles are attached separately. A longleaf pine you can tell is a pine because its needles are attached in bunches.

Other names of Spruce wood

Spruce is useful as a building wood, commonly referred to by several different names including North American timber, SPF (spruce, pine, fir) and whitewood (the collective name for spruce wood).

Disadvantages of Spruce wood

The density of this wood is weak. In case of insect attacks, it has little resistance and has a short shelf life.

Is spruce hardwood?

This wood is classified as soft wood. It has a uniform texture and is a great idea for building and furniture.

How long does spruce wood last?

Spruce is a durable and strong wood and it may be interesting to know that it can last only 4 to 7 years.

Is spruce more expensive than cedar?

Cedar wood is more expensive than Spruce wood. If you are looking for good quality wood at a cheap price, Spruce wood is a great suggestion.

Does spruce wood rot easily?

Spruce wood decay resistance is an important issue. Heartwood is rated moderate to low in terms of decay resistance.

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