What Are the Types of Wood Used in Making Furniture?

What Are the Types of Wood Used in Making Furniture?
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Although MDF is now used to make furniture, the use of wood in furniture making still has a special place among the people and most customers welcome wooden furniture. Certainly, buying wooden furniture is superior to other types of furniture in terms of beauty and strength, and on the other hand, this type of furniture is compatible with various types of interior decoration design, and this issue makes you can customize your desired design style in the house without any restrictions. The price of wooden furniture varies greatly, and one of the most important factors that cause price fluctuations is the type of wood used to make this furniture. In this article, we will talk about different types of wood in furniture making. You can buy wood furniture based on your taste by identifying the woods, their characteristics, and as a result, examining the durability and strength and even the variety in the design and color of the wood.

Introducing Different Types of Wood in Furniture Making

The use of wooden furniture will make the appearance of the house much more beautiful and stylish. If you go to furniture exhibitions, you will notice that the color of the wood and even the designs that are naturally present in them are different. Although many kinds of wood can be used to make a variety of wooden tools, when it comes to making furniture, we must look for woods that on the one hand have good resistance and on the other hand can be processed. According to this point, the most important types of wood in furniture making are:

1- Russian wood

Russian wood is imported to Iran from Russia and its color is white. Among the features of Russian wood that make it suitable for making furniture are:

– This wood has no gum ducts and its texture is straight.

– Certainly when it comes to using wood to make any device, especially furniture, the issue of wood drying is very important. Unfortunately, some wood cracks during the drying process. But such a problem has not happened to Russian wood, and as a result, it can be used to make furniture.

– Two very important features that have made Russian wood popular in the Iranian furniture industry are the possibility to easily apply sandpaper, bolt and nail to it. Carpenters can easily implement the desired designs on this wood with various tools without worrying about breaking or cracking. As a result, you can see very delicate inlaid patterns on Russian wood in wooden furniture.

– Also, Russian wood is light and its coefficient of elasticity is high. These two factors also make working with this wood much easier and it is interesting to know that while it is light, it has high resistance. For this reason, the weight of wooden furniture made of Russian wood is much lighter than other furniture and at the same time, its strength is higher.

2- Beechwood

Another excellent wood for making wooden furniture is beech wood, which is available in both Iranian and Georgian types. Definitely, when buying wooden furniture made of beech, the seller will explain to you that Georgian beech is of a much higher quality than Iranian beech. In any case, beechwood has a lot of strength and durability, and therefore it is common to use it to make wooden furniture. One of the reasons for the high strength of this wood is the fine texture, which is very similar to walnut wood in this respect.


3- Walnut wood

Certainly one of the most common types of wood for making furniture is walnut wood. Especially in our country, Iran, there are different types of walnut wood. Very high strength, fine texture, high resistance, long life and on the other hand the bitterness of the wood which avoids insects to attack this wood, are among the reasons that make walnut wood very suitable for furniture. Also, carpenters have no restrictions on shaping walnut wood and can implement beautiful designs on it by inlaying.

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4- Maple wood

Maple is one of the woods that is found in abundance in the north of Iran because this tree needs acidic soils and we will find such soil in the north of the country. Maple wood is mainly used for upholstery. This type of wood is hard but has fragility, so it will not be possible to process much on it. Therefore, it is a good option for upholstering furniture.

5- Hornbeam wood

What has led to the use of hornbeam wood in the furniture industry is its resistance to decomposition. But there is a big flaw in this wood that limits carpenters and it is the very heavyweight of the wood. Therefore, not only its transfer to furniture workshops but also its movement in homes is very limited and therefore hornbeam wood is not very popular.

6- Alder wood

After walnut and beech wood, it can be boldly said that alder wood has third place in the furniture industry. Different species of this wood are in the group of heavy to light woods in terms of weight. One of the most important advantages of this wood, which has increased its use in furniture making, is the issue of alder wood paintability. If the furniture is wooden, it is better to keep the natural color and pattern of the wood, but sometimes customers are interested in changing the color of the wood. So alder wood does not impose any restrictions on you in this regard. Also, the formability of alder wood is excellent and there will be no problems in cutting wood and creating patterns in it.

Alder wood

7- Scots elm wood

If you look closely at the scots elm wood, you will see very beautiful natural paintings on it. Certainly, among the types of wood for making wooden furniture, scots elm has a lot of fans in terms of beauty, and of course, this special beauty will increase the price of furniture for you as well. In addition to the furniture industry, scots elm wood is also used in interior decoration design.

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