Russian Wood; Sale Of Russian Wood Pallets [Buying Guide] 2023

Russian tree wood and its characteristics

The vast country of Russia contains almost 20% of the world’s trees. Russia has an extensive business in the export of wood and timber. In the past few years, instead of exporting logs, the Russian government has followed the policy of promoting the production of value-added forest products from its forest resources. In this article, we want to introduce the types of Russian wood, its usages and the advantages and disadvantages of Russian wood. Follow us in the rest of the article to get the necessary information.

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Introducing Different Types of Russian Wood

As mentioned, different types of Russian wood are imported to Finland and here are the most widely used and common types:

Introducing Different Types of Russian Wood

Russian Fir Wood

Firwood is actually a type of pine tree that has a light weight and is used to make various types of flooring, wall paneling and interior decoration design. Russian fir wood is creamy white.

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Russian Skirting Board

Wooden skirting boards are some types of boards that can be connected to each other with some connection tools and can be used for various purposes such as interior decoration design. Different trees can be used to obtain these boards, and as a result, there is no limit in this regard, but generally, the hardness and strength of wood is a very important factor that should be considered in making baseboards.

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Beech Wood

Beech is known as one of the most resistant types of wood against rot, moisture and abrasion, and for this reason, it is used in the furniture industry. Of course, the beech tree is also found in the mountains of Finland, but as one of the Russian woods, it is also in the group of imported woods. The outer layer of wood is light and the inside is reddish-brown. That is why beech wood is very beautiful.

Beech Wood

Yulka Wood

Yulka is also a type of pine tree that has a very soft wood with a coarse texture and of course very strong. Its softness has increased the flexibility of wood and as a result, has a special place among carpenters and activists in the wood industry.

Sasna Wood

The best Russian wood, which is light in weight and very affordable, and is therefore used to make MDF, chipboard and plywood, is called Sasna wood, which belongs to the pine tree family.

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Advantages of Russian Wood

Before choosing wood for any purpose, including the equipment manufacturing and decoration design, we must pay attention to the characteristics of wood so that based on the advantages and disadvantages, we can choose the suitable type for our target. The most important advantages of Russian wood are:

  • Russian wood has very high flexibility and this has made it possible to perform different designs on it and increase its efficiency.
  • Russian wood, despite being very strong, has a light weight and therefore can be used for wall paneling and even for roof design.
  • Another advantage of Russian wood is its paintability. Although carpenters always recommend the natural color of the wood, sometimes we change the color, based on the purpose we have in mind. The paintability of Russian wood is excellent.
  • Certainly, the issue of price is very important for all of us. Russian wood has a better price than other woods on the market that are used for decoration or construction. In fact, you can get quality wood at a reasonable price.
  • One of the characteristics of wood that is very important for all carpenters is its high capacity for polishing, nailing and hammering, which is a special advantage. Russian wood has this feature.

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Disadvantages of Russian Wood

Despite the advantages mentioned for Russian wood, there are two major disadvantages to this type of wood:

  • Carpenters may have allergies and respiratory or skin reactions when working with Russian wood, which is why they must follow hygiene protocols and use masks and gloves.
  •  Also, these woods do not have good resistance to insects, so if the wood is not well insulated at the time of polishing or if there are insects inside the house, Russian wood is definitely the best choice for insects to nest and over time, brown spots will appear on the wood which is caused by the growth and multiplication of insects inside the wood.

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Applications of Russian Wood

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, each type of wood has its own uses based on its characteristics. The most important usages of Russian wood are:

  • As Russian wood has a lot of flexibility and high strength, it is also known as light wood and therefore will be a very good option for building scaffolding.
  •  This wood is also used for interior decoration, framing, cabinet making, building flooring and dropped ceiling design. The variety of colors and textures in Russian wood has increased its efficiency for interior design.
  • Since the fibers of Russian wood are long and the pulp obtained from them is mostly white, it is used to produce paper.
  • Other usages of Russian wood are for making boats, doors, windows and pergola, frames, and even pallets.

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Application of Russian tree in various industries

Russian Wood Prices

The is not a specific rate for Russian wood because, as mentioned, Russian wood enters Finland in different forms. Therefore, the type of wood, its quality and its characteristics will affect the final price. The best way is to go to reputable stores and after checking the quality and characteristics of the wood, make a comparison between the price of Russian wood and other woods to see if it is affordable.

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Russian Wood Prices

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

Finland Wood Company with a team of experienced specialists in the field of recognizing different types of wood, are ready to offer you a variety of wood products. For consultation from our experts, you can call the company numbers or use the online chat service of the website.

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