Beech wood vs walnut wood; which one is better?

Beech Wood Is Better or Walnut

In making all kinds of wooden tools and even using wood to design interior and exterior facades, different types of trees have been presented to craftsmen and carpenters as raw materials, and each of these woods has its own properties and characteristics. When choosing wood for making tools and even decoration design, we must first examine its characteristics. You probably know that beech wood and walnut wood are two very common choices among carpenters that are used to make all kinds of decorative and office tools. But the question is, is beech better or walnut? Definitely, to choose, you should first examine their characteristics and choose the best wood based on your final purpose, by comparing the characteristics of beech wood and walnut wood. Join us in this article to answer the question: is beech better or walnut? Is Walnut stronger than beech?

Is beech a durable wood?

In order to express the differences between beech and walnut wood, we must first examine the characteristics of each of the two kinds of wood. The most important properties of beech wood are:

– Beechwood is known as one of the strong and semi-heavy woods on which there are very beautiful waves, and this has made it very attractive in appearance.

– The color of beech wood varies from cream to reddish. This color variation is observed among different species of beech wood and certainly occurs based on climatic conditions.

– Beechwood is homogeneous and on the other hand is moderate in terms of hardness, so its range of efficiency for making all kinds of furniture is greater.

– Another reason for increasing the use of beech wood in the construction of various types of bedding is the possibility of covering this wood with protective solutions so that if you put the wood inside these solutions, its entire texture will be impregnated and protected from moisture and temperature changes.

– Beechwood has good resistance to insects and fungi. So if your wooden utensils are made from this tree, you can be sure that the house will not suffer from problems such as insects, mold and fungi.

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What is walnut wood best suited for?

Now let’s look at the properties of walnut wood. As you know, walnut is one of the native trees of Iran, whose species are found in different cities of the country, and in addition to the variety in taste and size of the product, you will also see a great variety in the wood of this tree. The most important properties of walnut wood are:

– Walnut wood is in the group of hardwoods, but despite the hardness, it is possible for carpenters to easily polish the wood. It is interesting to know that the weight of this wood is light. In fact, you can use wood with a high degree of hardness and at the same time a very low weight to make all kinds of tools.

– One of the most important features of walnut wood that has made it attractive is the difference in the color of the inner and outer texture of the wood. The outside of the wood is light gray and the inside is chocolate brown. You will notice this color difference when you cut the wood crosswise.

– Walnut wood has a fine texture, regular and irregular fibers, and very beautiful streaks and waves in a dark brown and sometimes even black color.

– Walnut wood has a very high resistance to pressure, so when working, carpenters are sure that if a lot of pressure is applied to the wood, cracks and fractures will not occur inside it. Due to this feature of walnut wood, this wood is a very good option for making handicrafts, especially inlaying, because such works put a lot of pressure on the wood.

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Properties of Walnut Wood

The Difference Between Beech Wood and Walnut Wood

beech vs walnut: Now that you are familiar with the characteristics of each of the beech and walnut woods, it is time to answer the question, is beechwood or walnut better? Before answering this question, we need to make the point that the choice of wood should be based on our purpose. In fact, we must first determine in what context the wood is to be used and choose the best type based on the characteristics of the different woods. The most important differences between beech and walnut are:

– Walnut wood is harder than beech wood and beech wood has a softer texture.

– As it was said, the resistance of walnut wood to pressure is very high, so if we want to choose a suitable wood for making all kinds of inlaid handicrafts or even making different types of wall coverings, walnut wood is definitely superior to beech wood.

– In order to examine the differences between beech wood and walnut wood(beech vs walnut), let us also discuss the price. If you go to furniture stores at the time of pricing, the sellers will tell you that beech furniture is cheaper than walnut wood.

– It is definitely important for all of us that wooden furniture or even selected woods for interior decoration design have a very beautiful color, texture and design. Walnut wood is superior to beech wood in this respect. As mentioned, there are dark streaks on it, which makes walnut wood more beautiful. Of course, some carpenters are currently painting wood, but if you allow the wood to have its natural appearance, it will definitely give a more beautiful look to your decoration design.

– It is also necessary to know that the amount of durability and strength, texture color and even density of walnut and beech wood are different from each other and therefore their range of efficiency is different.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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