10 Different Types Of Wood In India – Price 2023

Popular woods in India

Knowing about the most popular types of woods in India can help you to have a better insight about their characteristics and their crucial importance in the wood industry in this country.

Even after industrialization of the country, and after using other raw materials in construction and other common applications, woods and lumbers are still widely used for producing several products like furniture, doors, tables, tables, and etc.

For this reason, in the following, we’ve listed several types of popular woods in India that are the best top choices for manufacturers.

The important not about popular woods in India is that many of them are examined for their endurance and resistance toward termites, fungi, and in some cases microorganisms like bacteria.

Before diving into the subject, keep in mind that recently trends in interior design are changing.

So, demand for buying and using most popular types of woods in India can change in near future.

Mango wood

as a very sustainable type of wood, mango can give manufacturers a unique type of hardwood.

In India, mango grows relatively faster than other types of tree. One of the most important characteristics of this plant is that it may begin to produce less mango after 15 years. It may even stop giving its yield very soon.

So, the woods can be harvested for making woodworking products.

mango wood has a higher quality than that of pine wood. Because, as a sturdy and hard wood, it works much better and can be compared with oak wood.

So, as a manufacturer, you can be sure that mango furniture has the same quality as oak furniture.

the important note is that the characteristics, and the price of different types of woods in India, are not the same. So, you need to compare the price of mango, oak, and other types of woods.

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Mango wood

Acacia wood

The woods or lumbers that are obtained from acacia tree have proven themselves to be among most durable types of woods in India.

So, they are perfect choices for making heavy-use pieces like benches and dining room tables.

The density and strength of acacia wood is the main reason for its endurance that may help it to last for decades.

The tables made by this type of wood are not easy to scratch. They show very good water resistance property as well.

Furthermore, they are resistant toward fungi and won’t warp easily.

Another important note is that as an antibacterial type of wood, acacia wood can be a perfect choice for making tables to serve food or prepare it.

Remember that popular woods can be used for several applications like producing furniture. Also, it is possible to make wooden doors and windows by them.

Perhaps, one of the drawbacks of acacia wood in India is its relatively higher price in the market.

but instead, after purchasing acacia wood, you can enjoy the beautiful natural grain of wood that makes it an ideal element for interior décor.

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Acacia wood

Teak wood

This is one of the best types of woods in India that is being used for making different elements for interior design.

Specially, it is one of the most popular woods for making furniture in India.

It worth mentioning that even manufacturers in India usually buy domestic teak woods to make furniture. But, some of them may import it from other countries, specially, from Ghana and Burma.

Teak woods usage

Teak wood is one of the most durable and strongest woods that is suitable for producing wooden doors and windows.

So, some manufacturers use it to make door frames. It is one of the best type of woods in the country for building tables as well.

Furthermore, due to its high resistance, that can help it to outlast other types of wood, building cabinet by teak wood can improve its durability.

Types of teal wood

We have different types of teak wood. So, keep in mind that different types of teak wood may have different usage. For example, some of them are suitable for outdoor furniture.

Specially, Nilambur teakwood, which is known as Malabar teak wood, is one of the best woods in the world that are available in Indian market and can be used for furniture.


If you are looking for a type of wood for manufacturing furniture, rose wood can be one of the options that are available on the table.

Indian rosewood is a famous and favorite type of wood which is known as Sheesham in the country.

As a hard wood, you can use this type of wood with different polishes and a variety of finishes.

But, keep in mind: when it comes to the price, rose wood is one of the most expensive types of wood in India.

The main characteristics of rose woods are their versatility, quality, and their availability.

As a termite resistant wood, you can use rose wood for manufacturing furniture for kitchens or to make cabinets.

Musical instruments made by rose wood are available in southern parts of India. It is also possible to make sofas or to use it for flooring.

It is important to mention that rose wood is obtained from penny leaf tree. This tree has other common names as well.

In India, between different types of woods used for woodworking, rose wood is classified as a strong and durable hard wood.

Fortunately, it is possible to use it with different types of machinery and glues. So, you can make a variety of products with this wood or its lumbers.

Rosewood india

Satin wood

For those who are looking for a vintage look in the décor, satin wood is a perfect choice to create wooden products. It is available in the market in different parts of India.

Specially, in central and southern parts of country, buying satin wood is more affordable than other states.

It is also easy to turn satin wood into desired finish or look by using a variety of polishes.

Finally, you can have wooden products (like furniture) with a very lustrous and look and finish.

It worth mentioning that satin wood has a bright color and when is used for manufacturing furniture can create a warm shade.

One of the main drawbacks of satin wood is their regular need for maintenance.

But instead, by using satin wood, you can enjoy its durability and hardness.

Sal wood

Sal wood is not just suitable for furniture. It can be used for construction too.

One of the main characteristics of sal wood, as a popular type of wood in India, is that it does not need additional layer for protection.

Because, it is durable enough to withstand harsh conditions. This means that manufacturers can use it without polish.

Specially, in damp condition and in wet area, Sal wood is able to endure more than other types of woods.

Manufacturers can use Sal wood for making door frame. They can also use it for beams and staircases.

As Sal wood comes from Sal tree. It can have a very good length. This tree is cylindrical and is straight. Also, it can grow large.

Price of salwood

In India, the price of Sal wood is a bit less expensive than that of popular woods like teak wood.

This can be a good reason for increasing demand for using it in the wood industry.

But, if you want to buy Salwood, it is important to note that the price of different types of sal wood is not the same.

So, by considering the quality and characteristics, you need to pay different prices for this type of wood.

Anyway, as a long time investment, buying sal wood is a good idea to enjoy its positive properties like durability.

It’s also termite resistant and can remain free of fungi. So, in wet area, it may last much longer. Furthermore, if the furniture or wooden product made from salwood get dirty, you just need to take a piece of cloth and wipe them.

The only weakness of sal wood is that you cannot easily put it under sunlight. Because, it may crack.


It is a reddish and brown type of wood used for making different wooden products like furniture.

With its natural affinity to a variety of polishes, it is resistant toward changes in weather condition.

So, it does not shrink easily and won’t wrap or swell in harsh weather condition.

Most common products that are manufactured by using mahogany are:

  • Furniture
  • Bed frames
  • Cabinets

Oak wood

As you know, oak is a famous tree in different parts of globe that grows in many countries from east to the west.

As a hardwood, many manufacturers use oak wood to make different products in India.

India is one of the biggest countries in south Asia that uses oak wood in its industry.

This tree has a copper color wood with deep brown hue. But, the important note is that different species of oak produce different types of wood and lumber.

The red oak is the most expensive types of this genius.

Manufacturers use oak wood to make furniture with rich colors and different shades from light to dark brown.

It is being admired for its durability for years. For this reason, from dining tables or chairs to the furniture can be manufactured with oak wood.

 Do we need to maintain wooden products?

Yes, but different types of wood have different characteristics. So, it is important to care about them by looking at their properties. For example, you can maintain furniture that are made by oak wood to extend its life time and beauty.

Usually, it is necessary to wipe the furniture by a clean and wet cloth and then dry it immediately.

How to maintain rose wood?

Rose wood needs to be polished regularly several times a year. This helps in maintaining the beauty of products.

Which type of wood last longer?

Oak, mahogany, teak, and cedar woods are among best types of woods that can last for years and even for centuries. Other types of wood also have their own endurance.

Which type of wood has the highest quality?

The quality of popular types of woods in India can be measured by considering several factors.

So, it is not always easy to say one type of wood is always the best.

But, as a whole, we can name the following types of woods as the best popular types of wood in India:

  • Teak wood
  • Rose wood
  • Oak wood
  • Mahogany

What are the cheapest types of wood?

Pine wood is a common type of wood that is cheaper than other woods. But, in countries like India, many manufacturers do not use the woods or lumbers from pine tree.

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