Hazelnut Wood; Uses, Specifications And Price Of Each Board 2023

Hazelnut Wood

High elasticity and durability of hazelnut wood can help manufacturers to use it for a variety of woodworking projects.

From many years ago, it’s been highly prized in different parts of Europe for its unique characteristics

Traditionally, hazelnut wood can be used for producing woven baskets and walking sticks.

They are also suitable for fencing and wattle. Furthermore, it is possible to use it as a natural resource and a suitable substitute for common fuels.

Due to its popularity and importance, today, we want to talk about hazelnut tree and its characteristics.

If you are interested in knowing more about this beneficial and unique tree, we’ll give you a brief information.

To know more about its fruit or wood, let’s have a quick look at hazelnut tree and its yield:

Hazelnut tree characteristics

Hazelnut can grow to become a small tree or can be found in large shrubs. It is a versatile plant with vibrant colors.

So, as a gardener, you can expect hazel tree to bring a unique seasonal color to your garden.

Each year, the male part of hazelnut tree begins to appear in the second month of winter. They can produce pollen for honey bees.

It happens before the tree blooms and bring forth its leaves.

The fruits of this plant are known as edible nuts. People in many parts of globe have used them in their diet for centuries.


Because, it is packed with vitamins and many micronutrients. They are also full of omega 6 and 9 that are two important fatty acids.

Why is hazelnut wood important?

Why is hazelnut wood important?

Hazel tree can grow more than 4 meters. It can even reach a height of 8 meter. On the other hand, it can grow very wide. This is one of the most important characteristics of the plant.

As we mentioned above, many people use this nut in their diet to enjoy its valuable nutrition. But, the wood of hazelnut tree is another part of plant that is important for human.

Because, if you let the tree to grow wide, it can become a large shrub. In some growing conditions, this shrub will extend up to 8 meters wide.

This means that it can be a source of wood for harvesting.

In fact, hazel can be coppiced that means the wood of the tree and shrubs can be used for several applications in woodworking projects.

Note: As a gardener or a person who want to grow hazel, it is necessary to give enough space to the plant to grow.

hazelnut wood uses

How much hazelnut wood can we harvest from the tree?

One of the most important questions about hazel nut tree is about the amount of yield that can be harvested from the plant.

We cannot give an exact answer. Because, different growing conditions may give us different amount of hazel wood.

But, approximately, if you plant 150 plants in 10000 square meters, it is possible to harvest nearly 2 tons of hazel nut wood from all the trees.

It is important to note that harvesting woods from hazel tree can be done in specific cycles.

Is it possible to harvest hazelnut woods regularly?

As hazel tree regenerate fast enough to become a wide and tall plant, it is possible to harvest its wood on a regular basis. The woods can be harvested in special seasons.

What are the characteristics of hazelnut wood?


We admire mahogany, oak, acacia, and other types of woods for their durability.

Hazelnut wood is also considered as one of durable woods that can last for 10 years in several applications like making baskets.

What are the characteristics of hazelnut wood?


Elasticity of hazelnut wood in another reason for its use in making wooden products.

Why do we admire hazelnut plant?

It is not just the valuable fruits of this plant that we admire. We need to admire its wood as a valuable type of wood for several usages.

Can wood burners use hazelnut wood?

Yes. Hazel wood is a good choice for wood burners who are looking to use a natural and good fuel to make fire.

Hazelnut wood in myth

In the myths, warriors who weave hazel wood into head pieces can protect themselves against evils.

Back in the time, in the ancient Greek, this was a myth that many people believed in.

It is not just for Greeks to have myth about hazel nut, in Ireland, there was another folklore considering hazelnut as a symbol of wisdom.

The color of hazelnut wood

One of the main characteristics of this wood is its nutty brown color with a medium tone.

So, it pairs with finish that has deeper brown tones.

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Is hazelnut wood more durable than willow?

Yes, willow may regrow fast after putting into the ground.

But, hazelnut wood will not regrow and may last up to 10 years (as a durable type of wood for wattle and ..).

What are the benefits of harvesting hazelnut wood?

As coppicing is the best way to control the size of hazel tree, harvesting the woods can help you to decrease the width or height of the tree.

This is the main benefit of wood harvesting for this tree.

But, as we mentioned, due to the use of hazelnut woods in different applications, they have other benefits as well.

Can we use hazelnut wood for making wattle?

Yes. This wood has been used traditionally to make wattle. It can last for more than 8 years. So, it seems that you have enough time to use your wattle in required place.

Why is hazelnut wood suitable for baskets?

As this wood is durable and by considering its elasticity, we can easily conclude that its usage for making wooden baskets is possible.

As many people have used it traditionally to make baskets and use it in their daily routine.

Can I weave basket by hazel wood?

To make wooden basket by hazelnut wood, you need experience. So, it is highly likely that making basket is not an easy job for you to do.

But, for sure, as a wood burner who wants to enjoy the warmth of this tree, you can use it to make fire.

Is hazel wood a hardwood?

Yes, hazel and several other species like maple and oak are among hardwoods. This means that they can be used for many woodworking projects.

Can we use hazelnut wood in the interior?

The versatility of hazel wood makes it a perfect choice for producing different wooden products for interior.

For example, furniture is an important element in the interior design and decoration.

Specially, if you are looking for darker interiors, hazelnut wood sits perfectly with blue and purple colors.

At the end, it is possible to have a quite different and even luxurious interior.

The volume of hazelnut wood

Each ton of dry hazelnut wood takes around 2 m3 of space. So, you can easily estimate the density of wood.

Can hazelnut tree reestablish itself?

Yes, fortunately, one of the main characteristics of hazelnut wood is that it can regrow fast and reestablish itself after harvesting its wood.

But, remember that the regrowth of tree is just faster after first coppice cycles. And, after around 15 years, the speed of regrowth decreases.

Finally, after 40 years, the tree may die.

Can we produce pliable wood with hazelnut tree?

Yes, after harvesting the woods, its crafting is easy. So, you can turn it into a variety of products like pliable woods.

Final thought

In this article, we had a look at the benefits and characteristics of hazel nut tree.

It is a multipurpose plant that is being grown for years for its nuts and woods.

So, by planting hazel nut, you can enjoy both its delicious nuts and valuable woods.

Fortunately, hazelnut can be easily grown. This means that as a gardener you can have one of the most beneficial trees in your garden.

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