9 Wood Species Best for Outdoor Projects – What Type Of Wood Is Best For Outdoor Use?

Wood Species Best for Outdoor Projects

Wood, which is a natural and healthy building material, is one of the most important elements of interior architecture. It is very important to choose the wood that we encounter everywhere from flooring to furniture, from cover to construction and to use it correctly. Choosing the right wood for your space can be a confusing process, according to the different types of wood and hundreds of alternatives color to prefer from, so it’s important to have a general knowledge of wood.

Wood species for outdoor space:

In order for garden furniture to be usable for many years, the selected products must be made of durable and high-quality materials. Many products manufactured with different materials such as wood, aluminum, synthetic or natural bamboo have different functions and unique reasons.

Wood: The space, elegance and warmth created by wood has made it one of the essential materials for garden furniture. The first thing you should pay attention to it when buying wooden garden furniture is the type of tree.

Wood species for outdoor space

Outdoor-resistant wood and its equivalent, teak, are ideal choices for outdoor furniture. If these materials are dried with proper cooking methods and processed with proper machinery, they can be used for years without rottenness.

Hardwoods require insignificant maintenance and highly resistant to moisture. That is, it is the best option for outdoor projects such as outdoor decks and balconies and outdoor furniture. Waterproof wood products can be easily used indoors or outdoors.

Hardwoods have a direct grain and are dense wood. This prevents moisture penetration. Cedar is an insect-resistant hardwood, which makes it suitable for outdoor furniture due to its natural aromatic aroma.

Cedar is also used for interior furniture such as wardrobes. You can also find Cedar for saunas, cabinet, and home cover.

Waterproof wood products include white oak and teak. They are also long-lived trees that are resistant to rottenness and cracking. These dense woods do not require much maintenance and have a natural ability to repel rottenness, moisture and insects. As such, they are popular choices for outdoor furniture.

In the following, we name the woods that can be used outdoors:

Acacia wood

a strong and thick wood with a lot of oil. Acacia is well resistant to atmospheric factors, rottenness and insects. Acacia wood is usually used to make wooden boats. If you have access to this wood, it is a good option for wooden structures in the outdoor space.

Cedarwood and light pine: it is soft and easy to work. Due to their softness, pine and cedar wood does not have much resistance to warping, UV rays also cause physical changes in these woods.

The most important advantage of cedar wood:

It is resistant to moisture, rottenness and termites. This wood is mainly used for fences. These woods can withstand moisture for years.


It is famous for keeping pests away, not producing bacteria, and being resistant to heat and humidity with its unique smell.


Cherry, which can be expensive when used in furniture production, attracts attention with its soft suede-like color.


black locust

It is one of the strongest and hardest woods in the interior forests. The hardness of this wood competes with hickory, but it has more stability and resistance to rottenness.

Douglas fir

Among the woods suitable for outdoor use, Douglas fir is widely available and is mainly used for construction and building projects. This species is one of the hardest woods that it is available in the United States commercially. Working with this wood is relatively easy. It is also easy to paint and complete.

It also has good adhesion. If you celebrate Christmas, you may be familiar with these species. Douglas fir is a popular type of Christmas tree.


Frequently used in furniture production, mahogany Wood has a very shiny brownish-red tone. Since this tree is valuable, it may cost more than other trees.

Mahogany wood outdoor space


A very dense and durable material, maple is one of the most widely used woods in interior decoration. Its distinctive bright color is quite impressive.

Ipe tree

Ipe grows fast and is mostly found in Central and South America. Ipe is a hard and dense wood.

Teak is a durable outdoor wood. This wood is relatively dense and fine-grained. It has a very high resistance to rottenness, twisting and cracking. It has an attractive appearance and vein and is usually used to build luxury boats. Teak wood darkens over time and is a good choice for small outdoor projects.

Characteristics of suitable wood for outdoor use

Woods that are resistant to the penetration and growth of insects and bacteria.

Woods that have high resistance to moisture penetration and do not have rottenness problems.

Woods that have the necessary and sufficient resistance against different weather conditions.

Woods that do not damage due to strike.

Woods that do not lose their quality when exposed to sunlight or direct sunlight.

Woods that have minimal maintenance costs.

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