What Kind of Wood Is Ideal for Kitchen Cabinets? 5 Best Wood For Cabinet Doors

Tips for choosing wood kitchen cabinets

If you are in the process of building or renovating a building and you want to have an ideal choice for your kitchen cabinet, just search the internet for “types of kitchen cabinets” to get different models of wooden kitchen cabinets and non-wooden cabinets. Wooden cabinets still have a special place among the people. The question that arises among customers is what kind of wood is suitable for kitchen cabinets. To answer this question, read this article carefully.

Kitchen Cabinet Wood Choices

The Most Important Advantages of Wooden Kitchen Cabinets over Other Cabinets

  • ¬†Wooden cabinets are much more beautiful. If you look at the types of classic kitchen cabinets, you will notice very beautiful patterns and drawings on them, which are done through inlay work and make our kitchen look more beautiful. It is even more important in the case of houses where the kitchen is visible from the living room, that the cabinets have a very special design in terms of the type of material used and the designs that are on them. From this point of view, the beauty and visual effect of wooden kitchen cabinets are higher than other cabinets.
  • Despite metal cabinets or even MDF cabinets that cannot be processed much, such a restriction is not defined for wooden cabinets, and carpenters when polishing wooden kitchen cabinets, polish the corners of the wood so that it is not sharp.
Introducing Different Types of Wood for Kitchen Cabinets
  • Metal cabinets, as well as MDF cabinets, are very heavy, but it is interesting to know that there are different types of wooden kitchen cabinets that are lightweight, durable and very strong. Certainly such wood is the first priority of carpenters to build kitchen cabinets.
  • Wooden kitchen cabinets are suitable for any style of interior decoration design. In fact, the compatibility of wood with a variety of home design styles allows you to change the design style whenever you want, without worrying about the type and design of the kitchen cabinets.
  • Another advantage of wooden kitchen cabinets is the naturalness of the material used in the cabinets, which definitely affects the freshness of the environment. Wood is a natural substance and carries a lot of positive energy.

Introducing Different Types of Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

In addition to the advantages mentioned for wooden kitchen cabinets, you should also consider a few points. If the cabinet wood is not resistant to moisture, as soon as the least amount of water spills on the cabinet or even a damp cloth is pulled on the wood, it will get swollen and the cabinet will need to be repaired or replaced. On the other hand, some woods are susceptible to insects and fungi. Therefore, if you are thinking of choosing a wooden cabinet for your kitchen, you must look for the ones that have high durability, strength and resistance, and moisture and insects cannot harm them. Accordingly, the most popular types of wood for kitchen cabinets are:

Types of wood for kitchen cabinets

Walnut wood

It is interesting to know that walnut wood is the most common wood used in making all kinds of wooden accessories, including cabinets and even furniture. Walnut wood is very durable and on the other hand, the compounds in it are insect repellent. This means that you will be sure that if you use a wooden cabinet made of walnut wood in the kitchen, insects will not enter your cabinets. Also, the beauty of the walnut tree should not be forgotten, as large white and red streaks can be seen on it, doubling its beauty.


The beech tree has very high strength. Of course, there are two types of beech wood, Iranian and Georgian, and if you can choose Georgian beech for wooden kitchen cabinets, it will definitely be a better option in terms of both quality and durability. Beechwood is a relatively heavy wood with smooth and uniform veins that will give a beautiful look to your kitchen.


In our country, finland, especially in the Zagros region, there are many oak trees whose wood is in the group of light woods. But light wood does not mean it is weak. It is interesting to know that oak is a light wood but with very high strength and durability. That is why this wood has been chosen as one of the best types of wood for kitchen cabinets. Especially if you want to design a classic cabinet for your kitchen, oak wood is definitely a better choice.

Oak Wood for cabinet

Cherry wood

What makes the price of wooden kitchen cabinets fluctuate a lot, mainly goes back to the type of wood used in the cabinets. For example, cherry wood is very beautiful and at the same time expensive, which has high strength and durability and therefore is a very good choice for designing classic and modern cabinets. The wood of the beautiful cherry tree owes its beauty to the reddish-brown color used in its texture.

Maple tree wood

Another type of wood for kitchen cabinets is called maple wood, which has high durability and resistance, has smooth and uniform veins inside it, and is a very suitable choice for modern-style kitchen cabinets.

The Most Important Points for Choosing the Type of Wood in the Kitchen Cabinets

The type of wood used to design kitchen cabinets is very important for its durability. Unfortunately, some craftsmen in this field, intentionally or unintentionally do not use the right wood, and as a result, the useful life of wooden kitchen cabinets is reduced. At this time the customer is the only one who will suffer. When you want to install a wooden cabinet for your kitchen, you should pay attention to the below-mentioned points to make sure that the best types of wood are selected for your kitchen cabinet:

  • The selected wood must be dense and durable, with a lot of resistance that can withstand well the weight of the equipment inside the cabinet. Of course, some designers, when installing wooden cabinets, choose the interior parts, i.e. the shelves inside the cabinet, made of metal. This is definitely a better solution because metal is more resistant and also makes it easier for you to clean if its surface gets dirty.
  • The selected wood must be highly resistant to impact and scratch and also to insect attack.
  • Go for woods that are moisture-resistant. Certainly, the types of wood mentioned in this article for kitchen cabinets have such resistance, but their degree of tolerance varies. If you know that the amount of water used in the kitchen is high or if you live in sultry areas, you should pay more attention to the issue of wood resistance to moisture.

What wood is best for cabinet doors?

The best wood for cabinet doors is birch, maple, red oak, and walnut. One of the questions from our customers is “What kind of wood is cheaper for cabinets?” If you want to have a beautiful wooden cabinet but do not pay a lot of money, we suggest using pine wood. Pine wood is one of the cheapest woods for making cabinets. Contact us to order wooden products.

Is plywood good for cabinet?

Plywood consists of several thin layers of wood glued together. It is an excellent wood for making kitchen cabinet doors. Kitchen cabinets made of plywood can withstand heavy dishes and other kitchen equipment.


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  1. It sure was helpful when you said that walnut wood is the most common wood used in making accessories, and it is very durable. My mother will surely find this tip helpful because she is thinking of having wood cabinets installed in her kitchen next week. She wants to make her kitchen appear more organized by installing cabinets that can withstand the test of time.

  2. My favorite part of your blog is when you can achieve modern-style kitchen cabinets when you consider maple wood because it is durable and has smooth and uniform veins inside it. My husband and I are interested in renovating our kitchen next spring, and we want custom cabinets to be installed. Since we want the cabinets to match our goal for a more modern kitchen, we will think about your tips.

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