What Wood Is Used For Bridges? 7 Durable Wood For Wooden Bridges

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Alice Carroll

Thanks for pointing out that pine is also a good option when it comes to building wooden bridges. I plan to find a good builder soon because I want to have a new walkway built in my property. That will also require a small bridge to be built across a stream in my property.

samira esmaeili

Wood seems like a strange choice for building bridges. Most of the bridges are made of heavy metals such as steel or concrete and perform much better in terms of strength and stability. But it should be noted that some bridges are built using wood to respond to the beauty of nature and help the environment. From an environmental point of view, the use of wood can be positive if managed and sustainable wood resources are used.


From an environmental point of view, I believe that using wood to build bridges is a very good choice. Wood is a natural and renewable resource that can help reduce environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

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