Which Tree Is Best For Lumber? List Of The Most Popular Trees For Lumber Production In 2022

Which Tree Is Best For Lumber?
Trees provide us with the oxygen we need to breathe. That is why the presence of trees in this world is very important. There are millions of types of trees in the world. There are different types of wood such as hardwoods, softwoods, thin-leaved trees and broad-leaved trees. Today we will look for the answer to the question of which tree is the strongest among these types of trees.
With you, we will classify the strongest tree and tell you their characteristics of these trees.
Different types of wood are used especially in the production of wooden furniture or plywood. The types of wood that are chosen for the production of furniture and plywood are generally trees that are classified as the strongest woods. In this way, the manufactured furniture is more durable and strong.
List Of The Most Popular Trees For Lumber

Which tree is suitable for Lumber?

Wood materials used in construction are generally preferred with low specific weight, high strength, high machinability and low thermal conductivity.
Therefore, coniferous trees are mostly used in construction.
On the other hand, wood materials obtained from trees are more durable, harder and more expensive. The ones that enter the workshop from this category of wood are oak and beech. There are also wood species that enter the structure indirectly, especially plywood and pressed boards with different properties made from wood fibers, shavings and sawdust. Soft woods such as fir are also among the trees of this last group.
In terms of civil engineering, wooden boards and frames that act as elements to axial or bending forces are usually made of fir, hybrid and sometimes oak. Pine is used in window and door joinery. Oak and beech are used in veneer elements. Pine and sometimes oak are used in soil, water and bridge construction.
The resistance values ​​obtained in the materials of each tree that is cut are different from the resistances obtained from the tree of the same species cut in another area. So that even the strength values ​​of the trunk of a tree are different at different levels. For this reason, when calculating the safety stresses of wooden building materials, much higher safety coefficients are considered compared to other building materials.
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What is Lumber?

Timber is a word that is used a lot today and everyone is familiar with it. Timber is an important material that its primitive material is wood and is frequently used in many fields. Timber is an essential part of the industry, construction and furniture section. We have compiled for you what timber is and what wood it is made of.
Timber is a wooden material’s primitive material is wood that is cut into specified sizes to be used in industry, construction and many other things. Although there are many classifications of wood, we can divide it into two main categories:
  • Softwoods are types of timber that are generally used in the construction and packaging industries. Pine and fir are the most known wood species of this class.
  • Hardwoods usually grow in climates with a lot of rainfall. We can classify timber obtained from tree species that take years to grow and have very dense veins as “hardwood”

What is Lumber?

In addition to tree species planted in our country such as beech, ash, oak and walnut, many exotic tree species brought from abroad are also included in this category. Hardwood species are mostly used in the furniture and construction industry.

Ranking of the strongest tree

Balsa Tree

the Strongest Tree of the world: When the strongest tree is ranked, the balsa tree ranks first.
Balsa is a type of tree that grows in Central and South America. It grows easily in areas with abundant rainfall.
Additionally, balsa trees grow best in warm climates.
Balsa Tree
The balsa tree is known as Ochroma Lagopus in Latin. The word balsa means boat in Spanish.
Although balsa is a very resistant type of wood, it is a wood that is easily processed. Balsa wood, which has a shiny and smooth surface, can be cut even with small cutting tools. The balsa tree, which grows for an average of 5-6 years, can reach a height of 20 meters. Balsa wood is a type of wood that is frequently used in shipping, transportation, and space technologies. Although structurally a softwood, botanical science classifies balsa wood as hardwood.
Tip: There are many reasons why balsa wood is the strongest tree in the world. Depending on the measurements made; This wood is determined as the strongest wood in the categories of hardness, flexibility and compressibility.
balsa wood; It is even more durable than oak and pine.
Besides balsa wood, there are many other types of wood that are durable. Now let’s check other resistant tree species with you.

Pine tree

Pinewood, which is very durable, has an easy-to-use structure. The specific weight of pine wood is 510 kg per cube meter. The pine tree, which can be easily used indoors and outdoors, is also resistant to water. In addition, pine wood is often used in the construction and furniture industry. Especially with pine plywood, very durable designs can be made indoors and outdoors. In addition, protection should be done before using it in outdoor areas.
Pine tree


Fir is a very durable tree species that can be used indoors and outdoors. Its specific weight is 470 kg per cube meter. Although fir is lighter than pine, it is often used in the construction industry. In addition, protection should be done before using it in outdoor areas.
Teak wood has a very high specific weight, which weighs 660 kg per cube meter. It is generally used in the production of furniture and floor covering. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has a structure that can be easily processed.


The weight of the oak trees is more than the types of trees mentioned above, its weight is 720 kg per cube meter. It has a structure that can be easily processed. Oak is widely used as plywood. It can be often used in the construction industry, furniture making and floor covering.
Birch, beech, fir and similar hardwoods are classified as durable trees.

Types of wood used in wooden structures:

Conifers are tree species such as pine, fir, cypress and juniper.
It is mostly preferred in the construction section as it is available in large numbers in the country and is cheap. Its wood is softer and easier than broadleaf wood. Pine, which is the most common species of coniferous trees in Turkey, has high nail retention and gluing ability and is easy to process.
Its wood is harder to process than coniferous trees. It is used in specified parts of the building such as doors, windows and stairs.


Although iron and concrete have tried to replace wood in recent years, the place and importance of wood in the construction stages does not change no matter what is done. In addition to the construction of wooden houses, parts such as floors, doors, frames, scaffolding and windows are also made of wood. There are many things that can be made from wood. That’s why people always need wood in their life.
Depending on the characteristics of the wood, the areas of use also change. Each wood can be used in various fields such as interior decoration, construction, building materials and furniture making depending on its characteristics. Since the range of use of timber is very wide, every person will need timber in their lifetime. Timber is used in many ways, from furniture to construction, from windows to decorations.

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