Buy Utile Timber – Specifications, Properties And Prices In 2023

Utile Timber

What is the color and appearance of utile wood? The color of this wood is uniform. It is often medium reddish brown. The grain of this wood is interconnected, with a uniform texture. The natural luster of utile wood is stunning.

Resistance to decay is one of the most important things that should be mentioned. This wood has a good durability and its most important feature is that it has high resistance against insects.

But there is a problem with this: machining operations are difficult. The thing that you should pay attention to is that you should avoid putting the iron next to this wood. Because if you put utile wood next to iron, it will stain.

And one interesting thing about this wood: when it is cut, it emits a good cedar-like smell. If you are going to work with this wood, it is better to use gloves and a mask. Skin contact with utile wood may cause skin sensitivities. Shortness of breath has been reported in some cases. So it is necessary to cover the skin while working.

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Buy Utile Timber

This wood is hard to find. Among the uses of this wood, the following can be mentioned:

We are here to talk to you about utile wood?

In the following table, we put the specifications of this wood. The source is mentioned at the end of the content:

What is Utile wood?

Use of utile wood in carpentry industry

You can use this wood to make wooden doors and windows. The resistance of this wood is incredible. It does not absorb moisture easily and is suitable for wooden floors.

In recent years, Utile has grown in popularity, with many using it instead of Brazilian mahogany.

Utile is a popular wood that has many uses: including furniture and cabinetry, interior and exterior joinery for doors and window frames, tables, decorative veneers, and plywood.

What is Utile wood?

Among other uses of this wood: boat construction and planking, household flooring, musical instruments and sports equipment.

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Light brown wood Utile has a pinkish-brown heartwood when freshly cut. But due to light radiation, it becomes dark red-brown.

The color is fairly uniform reddish or purplish brown. The grain is interlocked and relatively irregular. In terms of strength, it is the same as European beech. The seeds are usually interwoven with a medium texture.

Other names of this wood: Assie, Abebay, Sipo, Efuodwe, Kisi-Kosi, Liboyo, and Afau-Conkonti. It is considered vulnerable by the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species.

Utile is lighter than Sapele. Utile is also much softer than Sapele and slightly harder than Genuine. So Utile has many easy-to-use features.

Features of Utile wood

Utile is a dense wood with high strength, moderate bending strength and impact resistance. Works well with machines and hand tools.

You can use saws, glues, nails, screws and paints.

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Is utile a hardwood or softwood?

A common question for wood lovers is, “Is Utile wood hard or soft?”

This wood is classified as hardwood. This wood is imported from West Africa and as we said, it is difficult to find. This wood is a suitable alternative to mahogany wood. To order this product in different sizes, contact our experts.

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