The Best And Cheapest Wood For The Door Of The House [6 Types Of First-Class Wood]

Types of wood for house doors
Woods have different characteristics from each other, and this issue makes their use in the wood industry also different. For example, if you want to make a wooden door for your building or workplace, you should go for woods whose characteristics are suitable for making wooden doors for homes. In this article, we will introduce the types of wood for building doors. In the introduction of each of the woods, we will say their characteristics so that you can understand which woods will be the best choice for building doors.

Introduction of types of wood for house doors


One of the best and most common woods for making all kinds of house doors is mahogany, which is very thick and hard, and for this reason, this wood is a very good option for making all kinds of wooden doors. In addition to durability and strength, we should also mention mahogany’s resistance to decay.
Therefore, if you want to use a wooden door for a building in a humid area like the north of the country, where the air humidity is high, you can go for mahogany wood without worrying about decay. There are different types of mahogany, the most important of which are Brazilian, African, and American mahogany, as well as Indian mahogany.
Introduction of types of wood for house doors


Oak wood is known as one of the most stable trees in the world that grows in different climates. In general, the oak tree belongs to the northern hemisphere, and because of its high tannin content, it is very resistant to insects. Therefore, two very important factors that have made oak wood suitable for making all kinds of wooden doors are its resistance to insects and, on the other hand, its strength and durability.
Of course, it should be noted that there are different types of oak wood, including red oak, white oak, and cork oak, and you should pay attention to the characteristics of each of them when choosing the type of oak wood to make different types of doors. For example, red oak wood easily absorbs air moisture due to its pores. But there is no such thing in the case of white oak, because its cell structure is very tight and compressed, and as a result, moisture cannot enter it.

Eucalyptus marginata wood

Among the different species of the Eucalyptus tree, Marginata species (Jara), which is considered to be an Australian species, is known to be a very resistant wood against termite attacks, for this reason, this type of Eucalyptus can be used to make all kinds of wooden doors. On the other hand, this wood is heavy and very durable. Therefore, it will increase the strength and useful life of wooden doors. The issue that should be mentioned about Jara wood is its durability and difficulty to work with wood.
If carpenters use freshly cut wood, there will certainly be no limit to what they can cut, but over time, this wood becomes harder and cannot be easily cut with traditional tools. So more facilities will be needed. Jara wood is very resistant to water. Therefore, you can use this wood to make all kinds of wooden doors for houses in humid environments.
Eucalyptus marginata wood

Maple wood

Among the woods used to make house doors, maple wood is known as one of the best options because it is very strong and dense and has a long useful life. On the other hand, the color combinations, as well as the veins inside the maple wood, have made it more beautiful, and as a result, it makes the interior design of your home more beautiful.

Cherry wood

Besides its very good structural features,cherry wood has a wide variety of colors, and this has made it a very beautiful and ideal choice for making wooden doors because it will double the beauty of the internal space. The color of cherry wood varies from red to light red depending on the geographical region. Sunlight and time will definitely darken its color. There are veins inside cherry wood that make this wood attractive. In general, one of the best and most secure woods for building doors is cherry wood.
Cherry wood

Walnut wood

The Walnut is known as one of the strong hardwood trees in the world. The pores of this wood are very compressed, and as a result, there is no possibility of water penetrating into it. Also, walnut wood has very high colorable features.
If you use special waxes for wood resistance against moisture on walnut wood, it will be quickly absorbed from the pores of the wood and as a result, its internal tissue will be insulated against moisture. Therefore, walnut wood is a very good choice for making all kinds of wooden doors for houses.

Some recommendations for choosing wood to make different types of doors

As we mentioned in the introduction of types of wood for building doors, the important factors in choosing wood include the degree of strength and durability, the degree of resistance to moisture and as a result decay, and the degree of resistance to insect attacks, especially termites.
Some woods have good resistance, but we cannot use them for the exterior of the building. Therefore, if you want to design entrance doors that are exposed to the outside weather conditions and sunlight with wood, you should go for the types that have great resistance to temperature fluctuations, air humidity, and ultraviolet rays of the sun, and its useful life should be good.

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