The Most Complete List Of Suitable Wood For Boat Building – Wood Suitable For Shipbuilding

Most List Of Suitable Wood For Boat Building

Wood is an organic material that has been used by humans since ancient times. So it is natural and It comes to us from nature. Many products have been produced using wood from the past until today, and the field of use is still expanding.

A common view is that the widespread use of synthetic materials will reduce the use of wood, but this view is not correct. If calculated based on the individual, the amount of wood consumption is increasing day by day. Of course, the most important factor here is that the wood material has very efficient and superior properties.

Today, wood is used in at least 6,000 different areas. Of course, the topic that attracts our attention here is the construction of wooden boats. Plywood is the first material used to build a wooden boat.

Boats and yachts made of the highest quality wood and precisionist attract attention and are very popular in wider circles.

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Wood Suitable For Shipbuilding

One of the most important woods used throughout history to build ships and boats is oak wood. Oak wood has a very compressed and strong tissue so it is mentioned as a symbol of strength and endurance in ancient literary texts.

This wood is relatively hard and heavy, has a high resistance to erosion and moisture, and these properties have made it the most suitable wood for building the hulls of commercial ships, warships and boats.

materials used in boat building

  1. Fiberglass
  2. Plywood
  3. Aluminum
  4. Steel
  5. Wood
  6. Epoxy Resin
  7. Polyester Resin
  8. Gelcoat
  9. Foam Core
  10. Marine Grade Plywood
  11. Marine Grade Paint
  12. Marine Grade Carpet
  13. Marine Grade Vinyl
  14. Marine Grade Fasteners
  15. Marine Grade Adhesives
  16. Marine Grade Sealants
  17. Marine Grade Hardware
  18. Marine Grade Electrical Components
  19. Marine Grade Lighting
  20. Marine Grade Fuel Tanks

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What wood is better for boat building?

There are several main factors that determine the type of wood used in boat construction. The most important criterion for choosing are the life span, strength, weight and elongation coefficient of the wood according to the humidity and temperature of the air and its tendency to twist.

The wood used in boat construction should be dried and has approximately 15% moisture.

Similarly, if the wooden boat used in the hull of the boat is thrown into the sea, if it absorbs water, it will try to create large forces. For this reason, especially in the body part, types of wood with low elongation coefficient should be used and the wood should be well protected against the effects of water.

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It has a wide dispersal in the world. Species of crowned trees that can reach 25 meters in height and 2 meters in trunk diameter. The stem of these plants is smooth, its skin is first smooth and then thick, and it is brown in color.

Its roots go far and deep. The leaves as well as their form can be different, they are clustered, jagged or direct-edged.

Its cylindrical fruits called “bonito” are placed in a glass. Some species have large oaks. Its wood is durable. This is the best wood for making backbones. It is mainly used in the construction of the backbone and also in interior decoration.

Oak Wood for a wooden boat

best wood for boat building

The best wood for boat building depends on the type of boat being built. Cedar wood and mahogany wood are popular choices for wooden boat building, as they are both lightweight and rot-resistant. Plywood is also a common choice, as it is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. Other woods, such as oak and teak, may be used for specific boat-building projects.


hornbeam, as a shady tree, prefers soft, fertile and moist soils. It has a shallow root system that expanded laterally. It has the feature of re-sprouting when cut. With proper pruning, it is used as a long hedge in landscaping works. Its wood is heavy and hard, that’s why it is used in making tools and construction works. Firewood is very suitable because it works slowly and emits a lot of heat.

It can be used as a last choice instead of the trees above.

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Yellow Pine

It is generally used as a support part for the outer covers of yachts, deck floors and is one of our native trees.

American Mahogany: Also called Honduran Mahogany, this wood has been used in the construction of yachts for many years. Often used in wooden floors, decks, cabin linings, etc.

Yellow Pine Wood for a wooden boat


Another wood that has received a lot of attention in the boat building industry is mulch wood. This wood has a coarse tissue and is placed in the group of heavy and semi-heavy woods, and since it is resistant to bending, it is very suitable for use in boat building.

Wood in shipbuilding:

Chestnut wood

in terms of wood, it is very similar to oak. The outer wood is narrow, the inner wood is wide. The circle is porous. The tissue of the spring is porous, where the trunk can be seen. It is invisible with its pores in the fall tissue. The core rays are invisible, which is the most important feature that distinguishes it from oak. It’s tough, it is built hard. Flexible and easy to break. It is easy to bend because it has long threads. It is easy to handling. It is resistant to the destructive effect of air. It paints very well.

It has great strength underwater. The nails stick together well with glue. It is a tree that can be used as a substitute for oak to make the backbone.

Chestnut Wood for a wooden boat

Teak wood

teak wood: In-deck covers, despite the difficulty of processing, it is preferred due to its high resistance in heavy conditions and water resistance. It is imported wood so it is expensive.

wood used in shipbuilding Teak is the most common type of wood used in shipbuilding. Teak is a tropical hardwood that is known for its strength and durability. It is also resistant to rot, decay, and termites, making it an ideal choice for shipbuilding. Other types of wood used in shipbuilding include oak, mahogany, and pine.


Since wooden boats are used at sea, they are exposed to external conditions such as sun, rain, seawater, wave force, wind, etc. They are exposed to many negative factors. Therefore, in order for them to serve for many years, they must be structurally intact and high-quality materials should be used in their production.

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