Wood Products Care & Maintenance Instructions

Wood Products Care & Maintenance Instructions

In modern styles of home decoration design, wood is known as one of the most important elements and it has many applications. Wooden furniture, shelves, decoration items and wall paneling are some of the common uses of this natural material. But do not forget that the care and maintenance of wooden products are very important to increase their lifespan.

Even if you use very high-strength wood, as long as you are not committed to caring for them, the useful life will be reduced and you will have to repair or replace them in a short time. Given that this issue is very important, the purpose of this article is to explain the methods of protection and care of the wood. Follow us to share some tips on this topic with you.

Wood Protection and Care Strategies

Maintaining wooden furniture is not particularly complicated. It is enough to observe a few points so that this natural and beautiful material is not harmed. The most important ways to protect wooden items are:

Keep items clean.

It does not matter if the wood is used to make products such as furniture or wall paneling. In any case, clean the wood at least twice a week. When there is dust on wooden products, the beauty, color and texture of the wood will disappear over time and on the other hand, the wood will become brittle and vulnerable. Of course, it is very important how the wood is cleaned. Some people use dry wipes to clean wooden staff applying too much pressure. But this is a big mistake because this pressure can cause scratches on it. Therefore, avoid using dry and rough cloths and use soft or special types of wood cleaners. Since wood may have some carvings, use a small cotton swab to clean the inner grooves.

Put wooden tools in the right place.

In general, keep in mind that exposing wooden utensils to direct sunlight or placing them next to heating appliances will do a lot of damage to the wood texture. Even if you have used the most durable wood, the effect of intense light and temperature increase on wood texture cannot be ignored. So do not forget this fact in the layout of wooden items. On the other hand, if the wood is to be used to design the walls, choose a wall that does not have a heater or boiler near it to prevent the wood from drying on the wall, expansion and contraction, or rotting and cracking.

Prevent wood from getting wet

If you have read our website articles carefully, you may have noticed that some types of wood have a very high moisture resistance. Thermowood is one of these types. When buying a wooden device, you need to ask the seller about its vulnerability to moisture. The more sensitive the wood is, the more care must be taken so that water does not spill on it and if the equipment gets a little wet unintentionally, try drying it quickly.

– Beware of pests.

As you know, some insects like termites have an intrinsic orientation to wood. Certainly, some woods are more vulnerable to insects, and you should ask an experienced salesperson or expert about this issue. However, you should not allow insects to nest in your home as it will be very difficult to control them later and the wood texture will be damaged quickly. Keep in mind that insects, like termites, usually nest in areas that are out of reach. Therefore, when cleaning wooden utensils, spray all parts thoroughly.

Repair wooden furniture.

If part of your wooden furniture is cracked or scaly, you should repair them immediately. One of the methods that are suitable for the purpose is polishing. But do not forget that you must seek the help of skilled and specialized people to polish or repair wooden furniture.

Lubricate wooden tools.

In the manufacture of wooden furniture, polished oil is used on them to not only look more beautiful, but also to insulate the wood from dust and even moisture. However, as these devices are dusted and cleaned, the polished oil will gradually disappear as a result. Therefore, you must lubricate the wooden furniture whenever it is necessary. This oil avoids dust from entering the wood texture and prevents it to rot.

Conditions for Keeping Wood in the House

When talking about the maintenance and care of wood and wooden tools, it is necessary to know what conditions are needed to preserve this natural material so that it lasts longer and your tools do not suffer from problems such as rot, cracks or breakage.

As mentioned, climatic conditions strongly affect the health and beauty of wood because not all woods have good resistance to light, moisture and even temperature changes. Therefore, place your wooden furniture in areas of the house that are not exposed to direct sunlight. Do not place them even near the kitchen, because cooking causes food vapor to settle on wooden items and makes them rot and dull over time.

Some people are accustomed to using steam cleaners to clean wooden products. This is a big mistake because water vapor has a very high temperature and at the same time, it causes moisture to penetrate the wood core and on the other hand experience a high temperature. This causes dimension changes, cracks and breaks over time. However, steam can make your wooden device look more beautiful for a couple of hours, but the consequent damages will be visible over time.

  • Use a special cloth or brush to clean wooden devices. The best way is to ask the seller of cleaning supplies for advice.
  • Be very careful when moving wooden items so that they are not damaged. For example, when moving furniture, do not pull it on the floor at all, because from one side, the floor is damaged and on the other hand, the legs of the furniture are under a lot of pressure.
  •  You should not use water to clean carving dents on wooden products. Instead, you can use a small cotton swab or just a simple piece of cotton to thoroughly clean all seams and dents.

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Conditions for Keeping Wood in the House

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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