Buy Butternut Lumber – Specifications, Uses And Prices In 2023


Butternut is also known by the name of white walnut. This type is closely related to black walnut. Butternut wood has a lighter color than black walnut and is very soft and light. Butternut is grown in the Midwest and Eastern United States. You might be curious about its color. The color of this wood is light to medium tan. As we said, its color is lighter than black walnut wood. If you love bright colors, this wood is a good offer.

  • Common Names: Butternut, White Walnut, Juglans cinerea
  • Origin: Midwest and eastern United States
  • Color: Light to medium tan, similar grain to Walnut but considerably lighter color
  • Janka Hardness: 490 lbs/ft
  • Weight: 2.42 lbs/bdft
  • General Workability: As a soft wood, Butternut cuts easily on a scroll saw and is prized for woodcarving. Butternut glues, laser engraves well, and finishes with a nice luster.

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Butternut Lumber

Butternut tree

Butternut (Juglans cinera) is a tree that is popular for its tasty nuts. The nuts of this tree are oval in shape and are very tasty. This is an oilseed.

You might be tempted to try these nuts once. Well, in the following, you will get to know the characteristics of the butternut tree.

This tree that grows in Canada and the United States usually east of the Mississippi River. The life of this tree is less than 75 years.

This type of tree is easily attacked by insects and bugs. For this reason, this species will be included in the endangered species list.

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Learn more about Butternut Wood

Butternut wood is very stable and resistant. It has little tendency to warp or crack during processing.

Two important uses of this wood:

  • Altar of the church
  • For wood carvings

But nowadays it is also used for other things:

  • Furniture and paneling

This wood is soft and light, so it is not impact resistant.

Learn more about Butternut Wood

Butternut timber features

  • Butternut wood has a very low density.
  • Butternut is very easy to dry. Quick drying prevents blue stains from forming. Shrinkage on drying is only about 5%.
  • This type of wood has been considered for gluing. Adhesives are quickly absorbed by dry butternut wood.
  • Butternut is somewhat difficult to machine due to its low density. The processed surface is very glossy even after the work is finished.
  • With low shrinkage and straight grain, the wood is very stable.
  • Unlike its counterpart, black walnut is very weak.
  • Butternut has a narrow strip of white spruce, but most of the timber is heartwood, which is light brown. When sanded, this wood has a unique shine.

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Is butternut a good wood?

This wood is easy to process and less prone to cracking and breaking. This wood is resistant and is used for making furniture and panels.

What do they use butternut wood for?

 Wood veneer, furniture carving, home interior decoration and wooden box are other uses of butternut wood. Butternet wood is very valuable and is considered a suitable option for making wooden kitchen cabinets.

Is butternut considered a hardwood?

Butternut wood is soft and light and is classified as soft wood.

Is butternut wood good for guitars?

Many customers ask us if this wood is suitable for making acoustic guitars. Yes. This wood is the best wood for making guitars. In a comprehensive article, we provided detailed explanations about “suitable woods for guitar making“. I recommend you read.

Is butternut wood expensive?

The price of butternut lumber in the market varies from $5.00 to $1.50+.

Is butternut wood rot resistant?

Due to the fact that this wood is very soft, but it has a high resistance to decay. This type of wood is also sold as cut boards. Contact us to order this product.

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