Comparison Of MDF And Melamine Sheet – Price And Purchase Of Melamine Board Sheet

melamine mdf board
MDF cannot be used raw and without cover, they are very sensitive to moisture and do not have high resistance. To use MDF, it is necessary to use a cover. One of these common types of MDF covers is melamine.
Before we get into the definition of melamine-coated particle board, let’s briefly discuss what particle board is and what it means.
Particle board is obtained by mixing wood chips with synthetic resin adhesives. Then this mixture is compressed at high temperature and pressure, and as a result particle board is produced. Coniferous trees such as pine, fir, cypress, and juniper are used for particle board, and broadleaf trees such as fir, beech, alder or birch are also used.
The melamine MDF board has a smooth sanded surface and is completely free of natural defects and is suitable for a wide range of interior uses such as furniture, kitchen cabinets, etc.

So what is melamine?

What to know about the melamine MDF board should not be comprehensible by all readers. In the following article, we will help readers to have a more general view of the melamine MDF cover.

What is melamine MDF?

Melamine is a type of synthetic cover and decorative paper that is impregnated with melamine formaldehyde (MF) glue. Pasting of this cover is done by heat and press.
These sheets are produced in two types: melamine with MDF core and melamine with chipboard core.
Melamine covers not only have very good and acceptable resistance but also give MDF a very good appearance.
Melamine is known in the wood industry as one of the MDF wood covers.
Melamine is a material used to decorate wooden surfaces. The melamine board consists of 3 layers:
The innermost layer is the kraft paper, followed by the decorative paper, and the outermost layer is the cover.
What is melamine MDF?

Application of melamine MDF board:

Today, with the advancement of new scientific technologies, wood in nature is not the number one choice in interior design and architecture. Instead, many other types of materials were found and tested. MDF with melamine cover is one of them that has many advantages.
Melamine MDF cover is one of the most common covers that is chosen to cover MDF surfaces. Pasting the melamine cover on the board is done in two ways: short press and continuous covering.
Because melamine MDF board has an affordable price, it is especially used in furniture, decoration, cabinet, door, construction, etc.
Application of melamine MDF board:

Advantages of melamine MDF:

  • This cover has high resistance.
  • Resistant to sunlight.
  • Strong body structure.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • This cover is used as a decorative design for making cabinets.
  • This cover is highly resistant to water penetration and moisture absorption.
  • Its resistance to scratches, abrasion and heat is high.
  • This cover is not only waterproof but also resistant to scratches.
  • The variety of designs and colors is high.
  • Melamine MDF has a lower price than other MDF with other covers and is an economical choice for its benefits.

Disadvantages of melamine MDF:

  • These covers do not have the transparency of PVC and high-gloss covers and are opaque.
  • Their resistance to alkali and acid substances is very low.
  • All surfaces coated with this type of cover are not uniform and smooth.

The difference between melamine and MDF:

  • Melamine has a very strong structure. This feature has made it a suitable option for creating a resistant cover for various materials.
  • MDF can be damaged if exposed to moisture. Therefore, in cases where MDF is coated with melamine, its resistance to moisture increases.
  • Melamine covers are more resistant to heat and abrasion than MDF.


MDF wood with melamine cover consists of MDF wood core and outer melamine cover.
If you want to have a beautiful and attractive-looking kitchen cabinet, MDF with melamine coating is a good suggestion.
Now that you know exactly what these two types of wood are, and also what makes them different, you can make an informed choice between the two.
If you have any experience in using MDF with melamine coating, share it with us in the comments section.
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