Buy Myrtle Lumber – Tree Specifications, Uses And Myrtlewood Prices In 2023

Oregon Myrtle Wood is an evergreen that has broad leaves. This plant is native to southwestern Oregon and northwestern California. This wonderful plant grows in coastal areas.

The Myrtle tree grows to a height of 60 to 120 feet. It grows very slowly, growing only 1 to 12 inches every few years. You may be interested to know that it takes 80-120 years to reach full size. It takes centuries for a Myrtle Wood tree to grow large enough to make usable planks from its wood.

This tree has a strong underground root that helps to regenerate the species in nature.

Note: Transplanting wild trees is difficult due to their deep root system.

Since these woods are rare, they are rarely used in the construction of acoustic guitars. It might be interesting to know what kind of wood is used to make an acoustic guitar, I recommend you read this article.

Usually ordering Myrtle wood is difficult because it is expensive. Currently, the only commercial producer using this wood is Breedlove, located in the Oregon region where the Myrtle Wood tree is found.

Learn more about myrtle trees

The leaves of this stunning tree are 3 to 5 inches long, 1 inch wide. Its leaves have a strong aromatic scent. In the Bible, the Myrtle tree has a special religious significance, representing fertility and life.

Myrtle will grow if the moisture conditions are suitable. In the right environment and climate, it makes a good ornamental plant with beautiful willow-like leaves, clusters of yellow flowers and relatively large yellow-green fruits.

The smell of this aromatic plant is so strong that it causes sneezing and headaches when inhaled.

Myrtle Wood comes in a wide variety of colors. For this reason, it is known as one of the most beautiful woods in the world. The colors that appear are often the result of minerals in the soil where it grows.

Is Myrtle Wood expensive?

Myrtle wood is used for making furniture, home decor, and other gifts. It has been used in the wood industry since 1900 until now. Woodworkers love working with this wood. Because this wood is beautiful and its processing is also easy. Myrtle wood seeds are an important food source for squirrels, mice and birds.

Myrtle wood

Myrtle heartwood color is variable. From light orange-brown to gray or olive, sometimes with darker streaks.

Myrtle seeds can be straight, irregular or wavy. It has a delicate uniform texture with a slight natural shine.

Myrtle wood is weak against attacks by insects and fungi.

Myrtle wood is relatively easy to work and process, although splitting may occur on pieces with shaped grains.

It tends to burn during processing, so it is recommended to use the right speed when cutting.

It emits a pungent smell when working. It is better to use a mask. It has shaped seed patterns (curly, speckled, deer).

Myrtle wood

Among the applications, the following can be mentioned:

the cover

  • Cabinets
  • Fine furniture
  • musical instruments (behind the guitar)
  • interior design
  • a gun

Conclusion about the importance of Myrtle wood

Wood is a tool of cultural interaction and is accepted as a “valuable object”. Throughout human history, people have always considered wood as an important material for themselves.

Therefore, wood has always been a necessary and valuable part of human life.

Wood is a very important object that has had wide applications since ancient times. Wood has been the only friend of man. From shelter to cooking, from heating to eating, from sleeping to working, from carrying to hiding, from learning to entertainment, from decoration.

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