How Do You Remove Hard Stains From Wood? [5 Easy Home Methods]

Removing stains on wood
Maybe you have also faced the problem that due to pouring a colored liquid or oil on the wood, a stain has been created on it. Or those who have wooden furniture may notice their hand place in the form of large stains on the wooden parts after a while, and now they are looking for solutions to remove the stain on the wood.
Of course, because wood is a natural material, we must treat it very carefully because, like other materials, we cannot wash it easily or use detergents to remove stains on wood. In this article, we will tell you some solutions that will help you to clean the wood without damaging it.

The solution to remove stains on wood

If your wooden furniture is stained and this issue has greatly affected their brilliance and beauty, or if the wooden doors of the building are stained due to hand place and the stains cannot be removed easily, There are several ways you can easily remove stains on wood.
Of course, before we tell you some solutions, we suggest you definitely ask the carpenters from whom you bought the wooden items. Anyway, the chosen method must be adaptable to the type of wood so as not to damage its tissue.
Solution to remove stains on wood
  • Removing stains on wood using toothpaste

One of the common ways to remove stains on wood is to use toothpaste. This method may seem strange to you, but it is interesting to know that it gives very good results on most woods. Put a little toothpaste exactly on the part where the stain is created and wait for 10 minutes.
Then, after 10 minutes, gently clean it with a soft cloth to completely remove the stain. Then take another soft cloth and slightly moisten it. In the last step, rotate this cloth over the stained area to completely remove the effect of the toothpaste on the stain. Using toothpaste is a very good method because it does not damage the tissue of the wood.
Removing stains on wood using toothpaste
  • Removing stains on wood using baking soda

As you know, baking soda is one of the substances that has excellent stain removal power, and women use baking soda to clean the sink and even steel dishes. You can also use the same combination to remove stains on wood.
For this purpose, first, dissolve a little baking soda in water and then apply a little of this solution on the stain with the help of a completely clean and soft cloth. It is important to know that you can use this method for superficial and small stains, and if the stain is caused by oil or if a stain has been created on the wood for a long time and has not yet been removed, you cannot expect baking soda to remove stains with the power of toothpaste.
  • Removing stains on wood using sandpaper

Of course, sanding is also a suitable method for removing stains on wood, but as we said, in choosing the type of method, we must pay attention to the type of wood, its strength and durability, and the type of stain created. To use the sanding method, be sure to go for very fine sanding, and of course, you must do this very delicately so as not to damage all parts of the wood. People who do not have skills in this field should not use sandpaper because scratches may be created on other parts.
  • Removing stains on wood using olive oil and lemon

If we want to mention a powerful stain remover for removing stains on wood, olive oil and lemon are very effective. It is interesting to know that this combination not only removes stains but also makes the surface of the wood shiny. To make this combination, you should use an equal ratio of olive oil and lemon juice and apply some of it on the desired part and wait for it to dry. After that, clean the stain surface with a wet cloth to completely remove the colors.
  • Removing stains on wood using chemicals

There are many chemicals that, in addition to stain removal power, add a lot of shine to the wood and thus make your wooden item look much nicer after the stain is removed.
But when using chemicals, we recommend that you definitely refer to experts because when experts and carpenters consider the type of item and the type of wood used in it, they can accurately determine whether it is possible to use chemicals for such a thing. Is there or not? Do not go to these materials on your own, because you do not have experience in wood and their properties, and a chemical may have corrosive properties to wood.
Removing stains on wood using chemicals
This method should be done with caution. On the other hand, if someone claims that he used a very good chemical substance for his wooden items, and as a result, you were also encouraged to use this substance, we suggest that you do not go for such a thing, because as we said, the types of wood are different from each other. It is different and this material may not work for you.

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