What Is Acacia Wood Best Used For? [Features, Quality And Price]

Acacia Wood

We all know the acacia tree as a flowering ornamental tree that makes the green space very beautiful. Especially after the spring season when its beautiful flowers appear, the presence of such a tree in nature will make the atmosphere of the city more beautiful. This tree is considered one of the fast-growing and late-falling trees that can grow in different climates. Acacia wood has properties and characteristics that have made it a very good choice in the carpentry industry. In this article, we will examine the characteristics of acacia wood.

Introducing the Properties and Characteristics of Acacia Wood

The use of acacia wood is so old that it has been used to make covenant boxes in Judaism and temples. In fact, it can be introduced as one of the oldest woods in the woodworking industry. The most important features of acacia wood that have made this wood acquire magical properties are:

  • The first feature of acacia wood is the difference in the color and texture of the exterior and interior. The outer wood of acacia is thin and in terms of color, it is a combination of white and green, which made us see it as grayish-green. But the color of the inner wood is darker and has a halo of yellow, olive, gold, green, brown and red colors that can be seen in a circle. It means if we cut the acacia wood transversely, all these colors will be seen in a circle on the wood.
  • You can also see smooth, wavy or intertwined veins in the inner wood of acacia, which makes the appearance of acacia wood very special and doubles its beauty. In fact, this type of texture has made acacia wood an ideal choice for making decorative items.
  • Acacia wood is in the group of very hard and semi-heavy wood and its texture is homogeneous, crooked warp and soft.
  • The resistance of wood against scratching is considered a very important feature for choosing them to make decorative items, and fortunately, acacia wood has this feature.
  • Acacia wood has good resistance to insects. Therefore, if you even use acacia wood to make cabinets and wardrobes, you will be sure that insects will not enter the wardrobe because this wood is very durable against insect attacks.

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Introducing the Properties and Characteristics of Acacia Wood

  • The waterproof property of acacia wood is considered one of the best features of this wood, which has made us even use this wood to build a wooden closet in the bathroom. This means that you can easily go for acacia wood to build cabinets in the bathroom without worrying about wood swelling or damage. Even if water falls on acacia wood, there is no bending or warping on this wood.
  • It is interesting to know that acacia wood is also used to make wooden kitchen utensils such as plates, bowls, chopping boards and spoons because this wood has antibacterial properties. Therefore, when using them for food dishes, you will be sure that microbes do not penetrate the wood texture.
  • As mentioned, acacia wood is included in the group of very hard wood. So it will be a bit hard to cut. However, it is known to be a very suitable wood for carving and marquetry. For this reason, we can use wood to make wooden furniture.
  • The Paintability and flexibility of acacia wood are two very important features that let us use acacia wood without any restrictions to make any kind of decorative items that need to be bent or painted.

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Investigating the Uses of Acacia Wood

Acacia wood should be introduced as a magical wood because it has unique properties that greatly increase the range of its effectiveness. This wood is used to make furniture, all kinds of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, wardrobes, stairs, building flooring, musical instruments, building doors, covering and even scaffolding in mines, parquet, and also in railway and wagon making. As mentioned, acacia wood is also very suitable for kitchen utensils.

The question that may have arisen for you is: will the knife scratch the chopping board made of acacia wood? It is interesting to know that meat boards that are made of plastic, glass and even steel get scratched when working with a knife, but this does not happen with acacia wood. So you can use a meat cutting board made of acacia wood without leaving any scratches on the wood.

A Few Care Tips for Maintaining Acacia Wood

Although acacia wood has high durability, strength and resistance and is even resistant to moisture, it is better to take some care points seriously in order to increase the useful life of this wood:

The resistance of acacia wood against moisture and water should not cause you to not take any care in this field. It is better not to let the waterfall on the wood. Therefore, if your kitchen cabinets are made of acacia wood, dry them as soon as water spills on the cabinets.

A Few Care Tips for Maintaining Acacia Wood

  • Note that acacia wood should not be exposed to extreme temperature changes because expansion and contraction occur inside it.
  • Do not clean the surface of wooden items with detergents. Therefore, you should not put wooden kitchen utensils in the dishwasher, nor should you use chemicals to clean decorative items.
  • If your furniture is made of acacia wood, do not place it next to heating devices because the increase in temperature will cause it to bend.
  •  If any type of chemicals, even perfume, alcohol or other liquids are spilled on the acacia wood, you should immediately clean the wood with a dry cloth so that these liquids do not penetrate the wood texture.

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