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What is industrialized wood?

If you follow the process of human life throughout history, you will find that in both human life and business, wood is known as one of the oldest natural materials and is now receiving more attention than ever before. For example, designing a home decoration with wood is one of the best and of course the most popular ideas in this field. But there are also types of industrial wood, which are actually processed products made of wood and natural materials. In this article, we are going to present different types of industrial wood and their applications.

Introducing Various Types of Industrial Wood or Wooden Outcomes

In a general definition, industrial wood is obtained from the processing of natural wood. This means that it combines natural woods with a number of materials and as a result, their modality becomes out of the natural substance. Certainly in such conditions, some of the properties of wood such as durability, strength, flexibility and resistance to insect attack will also change. The most important types of industrial wood are:


The most common industrial wood used to make cabinets, especially in kitchens or medical clinics, is called MDF. This type of wood is obtained from compressed sheets, and the efficiency will be even more than natural wood. Materials such as recycled paper, sugarcane and even cereals and rice are used to make MDF wood. In fact, these compounds must be processed together to obtain quality industrial wood. Definitely, MDF woods have a wider application and one of their most important features is the ability to easily apply tools on them, very good insulation and high quality compared to other types of industrial woods. But we should not forget that formaldehyde is used to make MDF wood, so it is not suitable for activists in this industry. As mentioned, MDF industrial wood is used to make cabinets, cupboards and even furniture.

– Hardboard

Another type of industrial wood, also known as HDF, is called hardboard. This type of industrial wood is made from a combination of wood with fiberboard and in a dense form. The density of these boards is very high and at the same time, they have a simple texture. The most important features of this type of industrial wood can be paintability, the possibility to wash it and very high strength and variety in veneer and design. But the biggest drawback of Hardboard is the presence of urea-formaldehyde in it, which will be very dangerous for carpenters. On the other hand, in order to paint it, proper substructures must be done so that the paint applies well to the coating. Hardboards are used to make building floors, wall panels, theater decor, school blackboards, and even computer room flooring.

types of Hardboard

– Fiber and Cement Composite

By mixing plant fibers with a type of cement, an industrial wood called fiber-cement composite is obtained. This wood is used to make the exterior of buildings, types of flooring and even to make fake wall paneling. The resistance of this industrial wood against insects is very high and on the other hand, it is also known as a fireproof wood. But the wood is relatively heavy, so it will be a little difficult to move and install.

– SBO Wood

If we want to introduce the latest industrial wood, we have to go to SBO boards, which are obtained from compressed wood chips. These chips are joined together with a special glue and finally create a suitable board. The most important applications of SBO boards are exhibition booth construction, automotive industry, floor insulation, billboards, as well as laminate and furniture. What has increased the applications of SBO boards are their features that can be waterproof, very low weight and at the same time high strength, very ideal paintability, absence of harmful chemicals in wood texture and reasonable price compared to Plywood. Of course, this type of industrial wood also has limitations. For example, even when you paint, wood chips are still visible, and on the other hand, if used outdoors, they will be easily damaged.

– Plywood

This type of industrial wood is created by gluing thin layers of wood together, which are named based on the number of layers. For example, some boards are made up of three layers and some are made up of seven layers. The most important feature of plywood is its high strength, which has increased its usage and has even been used as windproof panels to build a variety of fences. This high strength and of course the ability to twist and bend the top of plywood has led to its use in the manufacture of wooden packages and boxes. Especially because plywood, despite its high strength, weighs less and does not restrict movement. Other features of this type of industrial wood include the production of boxes with very large sheets and insulation against sound, cold and heat. For this reason, plywood is used for floors, walls and even ceilings. If plywood is made of hardwood, it can be used to make military ammunition boxes, furniture and sports equipment, as well as wooden building tools, floor and facility design, billboards, and wind turbine blades.

– Chipboard

Chipboard is one of the oldest industrial woods and was first produced by a German company during World War II. This industrial wood is made by mixing wood chips with flour or sawdust with very strong resins, which are subjected to high pressure, and finally, high-density chipboard is formed. Light weight, variety of veneers and colors, very low price and having melamine veneer are among the features of this industrial wood. Unfortunately, chipboard is sensitive to moisture and can easily change dimensions. On the other hand, it is not environmentally friendly due to the presence of chemicals in it. Also, when carpenters work with it, they must use special masks because fine particles enter their lungs. Chipboard is generally used to make wooden doors, cupboards and shelves, cabinets and furniture and bedding.

Chipboard uses

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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