Is MDF A Good Choice For Kitchen Cabinets? (Reviews Of Wooden And MDF Cabinets)

Is MDF a good choice for kitchen cabinets?

The cabinet is one of the kitchen appliances that perform a big role in collecting things and in decorating the interior design. One of the main decoration components in the kitchen, which seriously affects the beauty of the house, is the cabinet.

Today, due to the variety of available cabinets, one of the most important challenges for people is choosing between a wooden cabinet and an MDF cabinet.

MDF is an abbreviation of Medium Density Fiberboard which means a wood board with medium density, which is obtained from wood fibers obtained from recycled wood chips from factories and by using special devices.

What is MDF? And how is it different from natural wood?

In simple words, natural wood is wood obtained from timber and its core and material have not been changed, while MDF is one of the artificial and engineered woods.

MDF is a synthetic engineered composite wood material. This type of wood is obtained from high-density compression of wood particles. It is not very resistant to water and fire. Since MDF is an easier material to process, it can be used in the production of parts such as tables, door panels, drawer fronts or profile surfaces.

Is MDF cabinet better or wood?

  • Nowadays, the MDF cabinet is an economic choice for people due to its modern appearance and more reasonable price than the classic cabinet made with wood.
  • Economically, MDF is better than wood.
  • It is better than MDF in implementing special and different styles of wood.
  • In a humid environment, plywood and coated MDF has more priority than raw MDF and wood.
  • MDF is produced from recycled wood chips. Therefore, without cutting down a tree, MDF is obtained.
  • MDF is resistant to cold and heat and does not change shape.
  • MDF is much easier to shape than wooden sheets.

Is MDF cabinet better or wood?

What are the characteristics of MDF wood?

With its physical properties, it allows to be used as a substitute for solid wood materials. With high surface density, all kinds of colors can be applied on the surface of the screen. Another advantage of the high-strength MDF cabinet is its ability to hold screws and nails.

Advantages and superiority of MDF cabinets:

  • Due to the widespread use of cabinets in every home, there are various models and types of cabinets, among which MDF cabinets and wooden cabinets are the most used.
  • MDF is considered an economic and affordable choice; Because its production is relatively cheap and its price is low compared to the finished price of the wooden sheets.
  • The chemicals used in MDF repel insects such as termites.
  • It is easier to shape MDF sheets than to shape wooden sheets, and this is another reason for the variety of shapes and designs of MDF.
  • MDF cabinets are produced in various designs and types. One of the most widely used MDF cabinets is the high-gloss type that a plexiglass layer is used as a cover. The material of this cover is polycarbonate, which has a glass-like appearance and is very transparent.
  • Surely, MDF board is cheaper than natural wood, and with proper maintenance, it can last as long as natural wood.

Advantages and superiority of MDF cabinets:

Disadvantages of MDF cabinets:

  • MDF cabinet door is not suitable for high temperature.
  • Compared to wood and plywood, MDF has less strength.
  • If MDF is scratched, it is difficult to repair.

as a result:

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we tried to put wood in front of MDF and tell the advantages and disadvantages of each. If you have any experience using these two, share them with us in the comments section of the site.

Is MDF the appropriate material for kitchen cabinets?

According to the points mentioned, which of the MDF or wooden cabinets is economical to buy? MDF and wooden cabinets each have advantages and disadvantages. For example, a wooden cabinet has higher resistance while MDF is impermeable to water. Therefore, you should choose one of these two cabinets according to the conditions and features of the residential area and your budget.

Is MDF durable enough for kitchen cabinets?

 Yes. Although the MDF cabinet is made of chopped wood particles, it is equally strong.

As the owner, you should consider the various aspects of these wooden products and choose the material of your cabinet.

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