Oriented Strand Boards (OSB Waterproof) + Price List 2022

OSB board
OSB sheet (Oriented Strand Boards) is one of the most widely used materials used in various industries. OSB is an engineered wood similar to particle board that is formed by adding glue and then compression of wood fibers layers in specific directions.
OSB abbreviation is Oriented Strand Board and means oriented particle board. OSB is a material that is the result of wood chips placed lengthwise, placed together in specific directions, and combined with chemicals such as glue and wax under the influence of temperature and pressure.
These waterproof sheets are currently produced in France, Canada, Germany, America, Romania, Turkey and Poland.

What is OSB sheet?

OSB boards are rapidly becoming popular for various construction applications. OSB varies from light to medium brown depending on the type of wood, resin system and printing conditions.
High resistance to water and heat is one of the unique features of this type of wood.
Although it is a type of engineered wood, it has a much higher quality and resistance than other materials based on wood.
It is also very flexible as a building material and is frequently used especially in North America due to its beautiful appearance.
Regardless of different conditions, including weather, it is suitable for many buildings.
OSB material, which is among the most popular wood products in the market, has different technical and structural properties.
This product, which is resistant to water and heat due to its structure, can be easily applied and transported to any desired place.
They are wooden boards that have emerged with the advancement of technology.
What is OSB sheet?
It is manufactured to be more durable than ordinary wood products. These boards are formed by pasting small pieces of wood in layers and adding resin and other materials between them.
The production stage is continuously controlled by various machines and the production quality is guaranteed.
Due to the use of resin and glue in its production, it is resistant to screws and connections. It has a more flexible structure than ordinary wooden products. Due to its special production process, it is resistant to both moisture and other factors such as insects and pests.
In terms of price, it is more advantageous than other wooden products because it does not require wood or similar products of specific sizes for its production.

Types of grades of wooden board or OSB sheet

OSB is produced according to quality grades, there are 4 world-class grades: OSB-1, OSB-2, OSB-3, and OSB-4. (the quality increases as the number increases)
  • OSB1: first grade wood for making wooden accessories.
  • OSB2: suitable for cabinets, furniture and wardrobes.
  • OSB3: suitable for humid environments.
  • OSB4: very high resistance and for various applications in all weather conditions.
Types of grades of wooden board or OSB sheet
  • Boards called OSB-1 are used for making boxes or packaging because they have less density.
  • Boards called OSB-2 can be used as floor cover and wall materials inside buildings.
  • While boards are produced under the name OSB-3, they are more durable products thanks to the denser production.
  • Boards called OSB-4 are the most durable compared to others. Therefore, it can be used everywhere.
  • Although material sizes are generally produced as standard, they can be changed based on demand.

Application and advantages of using OSB board

  • OSB wood board is used for floors and sloping roof cover such as shingle roof.
  • Suitable for all types of environments, both moisture and dry.
  • Beautiful appearance and suitable for interior decoration.
  • Durable and light.
  • They are easily sawed, drilled, nailed, and screwed.
Application and advantages of using OSB board

Where is OSB sheet used?

  • Roof cover, and floor cover, in combined and single applications.
  • prefabricated buildings.
  • Types of decoration work.
  • In places like warehouses, stages, stadiums, schools.
  • In carpentry applications.
  • In making anti-moisture, smooth and insulating surfaces.
  • In wall covers.
  • Furniture, beds and all kinds of tables
  • pallet making

Is OSB board water resistant?

This board has less transmogrification in front of moisture conditions and situations and does not swollen.


In this article, we talked about “Oriented strand board” or “OSB“. This type of board has no voids and the grains are close together, so they are resistant to water.

OSB is a wood board that is designed for optimal use in the wood products industry. In the process of making OSB boards, wood from trees with needle leaves is generally used.

The strength and durability of this wood has made it a good alternative to plywood. “OSB” is produced in different sizes and sizes according to the customer’s order. If you need this type of wood, register your order through the contact section.
Our experts will answer you in the fastest time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people ask is plywood better or OSB sheets better?

In answer to this question, it should be said that your usage should be checked. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages that must be considered. Then choose one of these two models according to the type of usage.
What is your experience using this type of wood? Share your thoughts with us in the “Comments” section below.

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