What Wood Is Best For Outdoor Flooring?

Wood Flooring for Outdoor

There are a variety of materials available for yard flooring and outdoor space in general. For example, ceramic bricks, cement and even wood are among the most widely used materials for covering the floor of the balcony, yard and even the open space of the villa. The use of wood flooring for patio and outdoor spaces has become more popular among people. Especially if the green space inside the villa is going to be designed. In such circumstances, the presence of wooden flooring for outdoor space will really add more beauty to the view of the villa. If you are also thinking of using wood flooring for your yard and outdoor use in general, we suggest you read this article carefully because you need to know what type of wood is suitable for your outdoor flooring.

The Most Important Features of Wood Flooring for Outdoor

First of all, let’s talk about the properties of wood flooring suitable for outdoor use. Wood is a natural substance and is obtained from a variety of trees. For this reason, the degree of hardness and softness of wood, their resistance to environmental conditions, as well as insects and fungi, are different. If you are going to use wood flooring for outdoor, you should choose the wood that has the following characteristics:

– The selected wood must have very good hardness and durability and be able to withstand possible impacts. Because normally, children play in the yard and a device may fall on the wood, causing it to crack. For this reason, not all types of wood can be used for outdoor wood flooring.

– Resistance of wood used for yard flooring against abrasion is also one of the characteristics of wood selected for outdoor covering.

– One of the most important features of wood flooring for the yard is the resistance of wood to weather conditions, including sun moisture and temperature changes. Sunlight will cause wood to rot. On the other hand, moisture and rain cause the wood texture to get wet and the wood will rot in a short time. Of course, the presence of moisture in the wood also provides the conditions for the growth of fungi. Therefore, the wood of choice for yard flooring should be resistant to moisture and environmental conditions.

– On the other hand, the wood used must be resistant to pests, especially fungi and termites. Termites can easily grow under wood and erode the wood’s inner texture without you noticing. Suddenly you see that the wood is pulverizing. This happens when the wooden cover of the yard is completely rotten.

The Best Wood for Outdoor Flooring

Given the characteristics that we have mentioned for the wood flooring of the yard, the question now arises as to which of the available woods is the most suitable option for covering the outdoor space. Since the hardness and strength of the wood are very important in wood flooring, so we cannot go for woods such as pine and eucalyptus, because with the slightest impact, scratches are created on them, which are well visible and this will affect the beauty of the place. We can use oak for terrace flooring because it is very resistant to sunlight, humidity as well as insects. However, you should consider the climatic conditions of your area. If you know that there are severe temperature changes in this area, you should definitely go for woods that have a higher degree of resistance in this regard. That being said, thermowood is a good choice for terrace wood flooring. To make thermowood, raw wood must be placed in a high-temperature, high-pressure kiln for a specified period of time. Vacuum conditions are created inside the furnace so the high temperature will not burn the wood. When wood is exposed to such conditions, it loses all its water and therefore gains a lot of strength against environmental conditions as well as insects. On the other hand, the thermal process of wood causes thermowood to gain more strength and durability and will not suffer from cracks and fractures. Therefore, thermowood can be used for patios. However, if you know that the amount of footwork in your yard is very high and the possibility of severe blows into the wood is very high, we suggest you use Plast wood for wood flooring in the yard.

The Best Wood for Outdoor Flooring

Plast Wood, the Best Wood Flooring for Outdoor

As the name implies, this type of flooring is made of a combination of wood and plastic, and therefore its degree of impact resistance is much higher. If the amount of wood used in Plast wood flooring for the yard is more, its appearance will look more natural. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to this issue when buying. You can even use Plast wood to cover the roof of the building to set up the roof garden. High flexibility, resistance to ultraviolet rays of the sun and heat, resistance to insects, paintability, resistance to humidity, light weight and therefore its application to cover the roof balcony of the yard and roof garden, as well as the strength of plast wood against impact, are some features that have made it one of the most suitable wooden floors for outdoor use.

Price of Wooden Flooring for Outdoor

In this article, you will find that wood flooring can be used for patio and outdoor terraces and roofs. The type of wood used in the flooring, the presence of plastic additives, the amount of wood required and the designs that are applied to the wood flooring in the yard will affect its final price. Our suggestion is to go for quality first and when you are sure that the wooden flooring is suitable for the yard, ask the seller for the price.

Price of Wooden Flooring for Outdoor

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