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When choosing wood for building materials or façade, the purpose of the work must be considered because the performance of each type of wood is different from others. Wood profiles are one of the most widely used materials in the woodworking industry, which entered the market in 1973 and was able to occupy a special place in Europe and the United States.

Carpenters and activists in the wood industry always pay attention that to make any item, specific materials must be used to increase the efficiency of that device. In this article, we will introduce wooden profiles, their types and applications.

What is Wooden Profile?

You must have seen rectangular woods, but the edges are not sharp and with a special cut, the corners are angled in a way to remove the sharpness of the wood. This kind of wood is called a wooden profile. To make wooden profiles, woods such as oak are mainly used. Although the manufacture of wood profiles began in 1973, these woods were officially recognized in 1991 as one of the most important export materials in North America and Europe and became a major trade.

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Steps of Producing Wooden Profiles

But now let’s answer the question, how is a wooden profile produced?

  •  In the first step, it is necessary to prepare the required wood. As mentioned, to make wooden profiles, they mainly go for European oak or even beech wood.
  • In the next stage, cutting will begin. If you look at the shape of wooden profiles, you will notice that the profiles do not have an angle for installation. So with the machine, they make several very small cuts inside the wood.
  • Finally, the four sides of the wood are grated completely and evenly.
  • In the last step, the profile will be covered by veneers and packed.

There are different types of wood profiles on the market that differ in terms of wood and veneer material. Therefore, based on your work purpose, you should use appropriate profiles.

The Most Important Applications of Wood Profiles

Based on the wood used to make the profiles, their thickness and, of course, their appearance, they are used in various places such as doors, windows and even the baseboards. Wood profiles have different qualities and materials. For example, Plast wood profiles are a combination of natural wood fibers as well as plastics that are used as flooring, wall coverings and dropped ceilings, the exterior of the building and even for roofing fences.

Another type of wood profile is the MDF profile, which has veneers on it and these veneers are made of different materials. For example, the best covering in MDF profile is PVC, which has very high durability and will not be damaged or scratched by impact. PVC, in addition, is more beautiful because it looks shiny and uniform. MDF profiles are mainly used to build cabinets in the kitchen. These profiles are obtained from dry wood fibers and after processing, including veneer, pressure and the use of binders, are converted into wood parts.

How Much is Wooden Profile?

As you can see in this article, wood profiles are different in terms of the type of wood. On the other hand, you must use local wooden profiles or foreign ones for making equipment. However, this will also affect the final price. But it is important to pay attention to the quality of wood profiles. Especially if you are going to use them for display. So in the first step, go to the companies that provide quality wood profiles. Then do some research on costs.

How Much is Wooden Profile?

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How to Install Wooden Profiles

Given that the wooden profiles are not angled and are curved, you will be wondering if you will have trouble installing wooden profiles? When making wooden profiles, small grooves are created inside them, through which the profiles can be installed and you can easily use them for wall and floor coverings of the building. The purpose of making grooves on wooden profiles is to avoid problems during a performance. There are other techniques for easily installing wooden profiles, but the most common of them is to create grooves inside the wood texture.

How to Install Wooden Profiles

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Foreign Wooden Profiles or Local Wooden Profiles?

Considering that wood profiles are exported to other countries, from Europe and the United States; surely the question arises to your mind that the quality of local wood profiles is better or we should go for foreign woods? You cannot say with certainty! Because the important point is your final purpose. When choosing a wooden profile, the quality should be ideal so that it is more cost-effective for you. Therefore, it is better to ask experts in this field. In general, the more delicacy you have, the more sensitivity you should have in choosing a quality wood profile. At this time, choosing a local or foreign wood profile is not a priority and you should go to the quality matter to increase its durability.

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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