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Wooden terrace deck

Terraces and balconies are living spaces that allow us to breathe and help the natural ventilation of the house.

When you make the terrace decoration in a beautiful and pleasant concept, you can have a magnificent living space in spring and summer.

Stone, tile, wood, and ceramic materials should be preferred as terrace floor materials that add color to the decoration.

Terraces are suitable areas for creating comfort and preparing an ideal space for dining.

One of the essential elements that complete the decoration of the terrace is the floor covering. The type of terrace floor covering plays a vital role in creating a warmer atmosphere.

One of the most beautiful and popular floor coverings is wood.

If you want to give your terrace a modern and different floor, you can use wood and natural stone.

You can use wood to have a natural floor in the terrace. Wood is used as an economic and natural material as a terrace floor covering.

One of the most popular decks is wood. You can create suitable wooden decks for the terrace with insulated wooden decks according to the weather conditions.

What kind of wooden deck should we use for the terrace?

What kind of wooden deck should we use for the terrace?

When choosing a wooden deck, first of all, durable tree species that are not affected by water should be preferred.

For example, it is appropriate to choose one of teak, thermowood pine or thermowood ash trees. The most important point that you should pay attention to it when choosing a wooden deck is choosing tree species that are not affected by water and sun. Wooden decks produced from trees such as ashwood, teak, and thermowood pine are of various types, and you can easily make suitable choices with the structure of the environments you use.

These woods are resistant to water, they do not absorb moisture easily, they have a very strong structure, and they are durable against sunlight.

In addition, you can use composite for the terrace deck.

Making a wooden deck for a terrace and balcony is much more affordable than other materials.

Advantages of wooden deck

  • Beauty and high durability.
  • It is natural and warm.
  • Wide selection, great variety in designs, colors and sizes.
  • Possibility of adaptability and compatibility with traditional and modern decoration.
  • Very easy repair that will be as new and beautiful as the first day.
  • Can be installed on all surfaces.
  • High installation speed, it takes less time to install a wooden deck than some building materials such as stone and ceramics.
  • The wooden deck is wonderful and magnificent. It has been observed many times that other building materials are produced with wood designs. However, they do not have the glory and beauty of the wood itself.

Advantages of wooden deck

Tips for installing a terrace deck

  • Wooden decks are wooden coverings that are implemented on the floor or concrete without the concrete being exposed to the soil or the framework of the structure. The word deck means deck.
  • These products can be produced in desired dimensions.
  • It is very easy to install. Only the surface to be applied should be smooth and clean.
  • Wooden decks have anti-slip surfaces. Like other natural wood products that are used outdoors, they are not exposed to conditions such as rot and moisture.

Tips for installing a terrace deck

What kind of wood is suitable for a wooden deck?

  • Redwood is easy to work with, naturally resistant to rot and insects, and hard enough to resist warping and splitting.
  • Cedar is resistant to moisture, decay and insect attack. If not treated, it will be a grayish silver but it is easily stained or covered.
  • Fir is not only a source of beauty but also very strong. It responds well to the use of hand and power tools and is resistant to rot and termites when properly treated.
  • Cedar is strong, showing natural resistance to decay. It is also easy to work by hand or with power tools.
  • Hemlock has a uniform wood grain and it has natural rot resistance.
  • Thermowood is a wood that is placed in special conditions, it is heated at a high temperature and then it gets cold. Its resistance to moisture, insects, decay, and heat and cold is very high compared to other decks, so this type is generally used in places where high-quality decks are needed.
  • The engineered wood deck consists of four layers of wood glued together.
  • These decks are suitable for living room, dining room and bedroom. Due to the high resistance that this wooden deck has against conditions, but they are sensitive to moisture.


The wooden terrace deck is a great and economical option for those who want to decorate and beautify their terrace and balcony. With its stunning appearance, beautiful, stylish, and luxurious, the wooden deck has unrivaled popularity. And it is always mentioned as the best material for building floors.

Despite the various designs and models that are available in the market, choosing it can be difficult for people who do not have enough information about the characteristics of wooden decks. In this article, we have tried to give you complete details about the wooden deck.

In this article, we tried to gather a collection of your choices for having a wooden deck or wood-like flooring. If you have experience working with wooden floors, share with us in the comments of this article

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