MDF Vs Chipboard Sheets- Which Is Better? (Buying Guide And up-to-date Prices)

The difference between MDF and chipboard:
Chipboard is one of the most important materials that dominate the furniture industry today. Its original name is particle board. However, it is known as chipboard.
Let’s start by answering the question, what is particle board chipboard?
Chipboard is a material that appears after gluing wood particles to each other with the help of a synthetic resin with the thermal operation and various presses. Chipboard is a man-made material.
Although it has a hard structure, it softens immediately when it exposures to water.
Chipboard (particle board) is an alternative material for wood and timber. It is more economical, it is easier to cut and assemble than wood and timber.

What is chipboard?

Chipboard, also known as particle board, is a board that is produced from waste products such as wood particles.
After wood sawdust is combined with special chemical adhesives, it is pressed into a sheet called chipboard.
Another definition of LDF fiberboard (low-density fiberboard):
It means low-density fiberboard. It is produced as a substitute for wood and does not change shape over time because it is not alive like wood and its cost is much lower than wood.
 It is often used in the production of furniture, panel structure and partition structure.
What is chipboard?

Application of particle board

What are chipboards used for? Most of the furniture products that we use in homes and offices are made of chipboard materials.

The production process of particle board

Although we have summed it up in one sentence, there is a long process behind it.
First, a process called shredding is used to reveal the primary material of particle board, which is sawdust. For this, wood particles are ground into desired sizes and turned it into small pieces. In order for the particles to stick together and be compressed, these parts must have specific moisture. To achieve this, a drying process is done. When the humidity reaches the desired level, the parts are glued together with the help of materials such as glue or synthetic resin.

Disadvantages of using chipboard

  • One of the most important problems of chipboard is its low resistance to moisture.
  • If it contacts water or in environments exposed to excessive humidity, it can easily change shape.
  • The optional form of non-combustible is called chipboard. Another disadvantage is its low density. So, it may not resistant. In addition, it cannot be said that it is very adaptive to the environment compared to natural wood.

Disadvantages of using chipboard

Chipboard vs. MDF sheet

Chipboard is stronger or MDF? In the following, we will discuss the advantages of MDF over chipboard:
  • MDF is a more durable material than chipboard. It is more resistant to strike and especially abrasion.
  • Chipboard is light, MDF is heavier than it, it does not break easily, and chipboard breaks sooner.
  • MDF is more resistant to swelling than chipboard.
  • Furniture made of chipboard is difficult to disconnect after installation because chipboard is not resistant to strike and intense usage and may fall apart. It is very likely that the chipboard material will also be damaged during transportation. On the other hand, MDF lasts for years.
  • Particle board is more damaged during disconnect. It is weak in terms of durability.
  • MDF is more resistant to moisture and water. Furniture made of chipboard can be damaged if it contacts with water, but MDF is a much more durable material.
  • MDF can be shaped with a mill, but chipboard cannot. In addition, as we mentioned above, since the surface of MDF is smoother, it is more susceptible to processes such as painting and shaping.

Chipboard vs. MDF sheet

Frequent questions:

Is my chipboard durable?

It is not recommended to use chipboard in outdoor weather conditions, in areas that are in contact with water, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Although this material is durable, it can be said to be less durable compared to other types of wood that are obtained with smaller particles.

Is chipboard waterproof?

Chipboard has different types and one of its types is waterproof. But if it is exposed to moisture for a long time, it will swell.

Is chipboard suitable for outdoor use?

I recommend not using chipboard or particle board outdoors. If you want to use a chipboard to cover the floor, it is better to have a roof or cover above it. May be destroyed due to moisture.

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