Where Is The Tallest Wood Building In The World? (Updated 2022)

Where Is The Tallest Wood Building In The World

Mjosa” tower in Norway was introduced as the tallest wooden building in the world with 18 floors and about 85.4 meters high. Before this tower, the “HoHo Wien” building in Austria with a height of 84 meters and the Pari Sapanta monastery in Romania with 75 meters were the tallest wooden buildings in the world.

Mjosa in night

Mojsa Tallest Wood Building In The World

For the construction of the entire frame and facade of the Mjosa tower, very resistant and green Kerto LVL wood was used. This type of wood has been used in the lower 10 floors of this tower more than the upper floors because the hotel facilities and offices are more located on these floors. Concrete has been used in the upper floors of the building to prevent the tower from swaying.Mjosa

Mojsa Tallest Wood Building In The World

Because this tower is made of wood, the necessary security measures against fire have been considered for it, so that Mjosa tower can resist flames for 90 minutes. Kerto LVL wood is manufactured by a Finnish company called Mesta Wood, which uses 100% bioenergy materials.

Mjosa tower

After the waste production process, its waste is used to produce paper pulp or to supply bioenergy to the factory. It is interesting to know that a bio-thermal plant near the factory helps in the wood production process, and the excess energy is sent to the nearest town, Lohja. The Mesta Wood plant could bring Finland closer to its goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 80% by 2030.

Mjosa in norway

The Mjosa Tower is a symbol of changing approaches in the construction community and shows that it is possible to build great buildings using durable materials. The designers of this tower hope that by building such a building, they can encourage other architects to build using durable materials such as wood.

Not only the supporting and structural beams of the building but also the elevator shaft, stairs and elevator floor are made of glued laminated wood, which makes this project totally unique in the world.

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