Suitable Wood For Wooden Curtains For Living Room (Guide To Buy Wooden Curtains)

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Today, curtains can be found in any area where we live. Choosing curtains that can be used in homes, offices, workplaces and even winter gardens is very important according to the location.

Choosing curtains is not so easy. Wooden curtains, which are always among the most stylish and practical curtains, are one of the most popular curtains. These curtains, which are often encountered in homes, offices, restaurants, and workplaces, are widely used.

Wooden curtains welcome us as a product that changes the environment! Here we discuss the features and benefits of wooden curtains!

The wooden shutter curtain is the general name for curtains consisting of pieces that are divided into horizontal or vertical strips. According to the materials used in production, it has different qualities. Materials such as PVC, aluminum, wood and fabric can be used to make curtains.

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Features of Wooden Curtains

A shutter curtain is a type of curtain that is divided into two horizontal or vertical parts, and wood is used in its production. These curtains are opened and closed with the help of rope and a rod at the beginning of the mechanism.

The opening between the curtain strips is adjusted with the help of the rope next to it. While wooden curtains add a stylish look to the environment, they are also useful in terms of usage. Curtains made of wood were widely used in institutions and public organizations in the first years of their production. However, changing decoration options has also increased the variety of curtains and expanded the area of use.

Wooden curtains, which are especially preferred in offices and workplaces, provide a simple and stylish environment with a quality appearance. Today, shutters are also preferred in different rooms and parts of houses. It has started to be used in spaces such as kitchens and balconies. It also provides usage for bedrooms and living rooms.

Features of Wooden Curtains

What Is a Wooden Curtain?

The most widely used models of these curtains are wooden and metal types. In addition to its stylish appearance, wooden curtain models are also useful for customers. Models of wooden curtains that are easily cleaned with the help of a wet cloth decorate the living space of many people. These curtains, which have many options with different models, are curtains that can respond to any style and request.

The material used in the production of this curtain is wood. It is a type of curtain that decorates many areas, although it is usually preferred in homes. Wooden curtains are also divided into two categories: chipboard and wood. Wooden curtains are very durable and impressive with their stylish appearance.

While chipboards are initially admired for their stylish appearance and decorative taste, over time they wear out under the influence of sunlight.

The selection of the models of wooden curtains according to the location is very specific. With models that are chosen according to the decoration of the place, you can achieve a calm and stylish look.

The Use of Wooden Curtains

Wooden curtains, which are used in different places, are one of the most popular decoration products today. In addition to personal taste, the benefits of this product also diversify the reasons for preference.

It is very easy to create the desired environment with the ability to open and close it. The fact that it is practical to use and can be customized has also made its usage universal.

Wood texture curtains are produced from heavier materials compared to other types of curtains. Therefore, it is necessary to be more careful in using them. The fact that it is made of heavier and thicker material ensures protection from the warm air of the room during the winter months.

The Use of Wooden Curtains

What Type of Wood Is Used in the Production of Wooden Curtains?

  • Ash wood for wooden curtains: Places of growth: It is found on the coasts of the Black Sea, Marmara and Thrace, and in the interior parts of Central Anatolia. It is generally in mixed forests. It is from a group of mature woody trees. The outer wood is wide.
  • Color: The outer layer of ash wood is very close to white. The interior wood is light brown. It darkens over time. This wood is hard, heavy and strong. It is easy to maintain and hard to break it. It is durable in a dry environment. It deteriorates quickly due to climate change. It is not easily destroyed by insects and microorganisms. Not suitable for use as a construction wood. It is suitable for the production of wooden curtains and furniture.

What Are the Characteristics of Beech Wood?

The beech tree is different from other trees with many features. The following can be stated about the characteristics of these trees:

Beechwood, which is widely used, can be used as firewood without primary processing. In the furniture industry, this wood is often preferred. In addition, it is used in various parts such as woodworking benches, sandals, and oven shovels.

While it is also used in the manufacture of toys, cars, boxes and plywood, it is also a preferred tree in the manufacture of parquet. One of the most important uses of beech wood is the production of wooden curtains. Beechwood, which has a medium hardness, has a solid structure. Due to its durability and ease of availability, this wood is one of the most ideal woods used in furniture production.

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How to Clean the Wooden Curtain?

Cleaning these curtains is very simple. Wood should be wiped regularly with a damp cloth. After complete removal, it must be dried. Before starting the cleaning process, it should be cleaned of dust with the help of a brush. Using dishwashing liquid is enough to remove permanent oils.

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