The 7 Best Common Woods In Australia (Australian Timber List + Price In 2023)

Best Common Woods In Australia

Wood is one of the oldest building materials. Humans have used wood for shelter and protection since ancient times. Today, the reduction of forests due to various reasons such as the impossibility of new forest growth or late growth has increased the value of wood.

Wood is used as a carrier and decorative material in ceiling elements, joinery and covering, formwork and scaffolding.

In addition, there are synthetic building materials such as chipboard, MDF, and plywood, which are also produced from chips, sawdust, and dust, which are wood waste. If the wood is cut to standard dimensions, it is called lumber.

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List Common Woods In Australia

Wood is an organic material with its own color and texture, which is obtained from trees. It is used as a carrier and decorative material in ceiling elements, joinery and covering, formwork and scaffolding. Since it is a renewable building material, the buildings in which it is used can be renewed over time.

Wooden structures are built durable and fast. Wooden structures can withstand earthquakes and various weather conditions. If human and material errors are minimized during the construction phase, the risk of earthquakes is very low.

In this article, we intend to introduce the common types of wood used in Australia:


Bamboo wood is one of the common woods in Australia. It is known that this tree grows mostly in tropical climates and some species live for about 120 years. The thickest bamboo species is 80 cm, 38 meters high and has a flexible structure. The strength of bamboo is comparable to steel. Due to its outer surface, bamboo has a waterproof structure and is resistant to decay

This versatile plant is not only used for furniture but also structurally for buildings, textiles and as a food source.

Bamboo looks a lot like wood, but it is not wood. Technically, it is a tree-like grass that grows very quickly, making it among the fastest-growing plants in the world.

What is the best wood in Australia?

Australian Blackbutt

Blackbutt wood is one of the most widely used woods in Australia.

Blackbutt timber is commonly grown in the coastal regions of Queensland and New South Wales. As a fun fact, it is actually used on the floor of Parliament House in Canberra. As you would expect, it is not only beautiful but also versatile and durable.

Blackbutt is a hardwood. Trees used to produce hardwood lumber are slow-growing, meaning the wood is usually dense and strong. But blackbutt takes less time to reach maturity than other species.

Hardwoods can be used for anything from structural elements to warm interiors, natural exteriors and show flooring, making blackbutt a popular choice.

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Australian Blackbutt


Pine wood, the most common wood in Australia

Pine trees are famous for their decorations, especially at Christmas. In addition, it attracts attention with its summer and winter leafless character that distinguishes it from other trees. It is a species that should be investigated by tree enthusiasts.

The pine tree is a family of the Pinaceae family. The Latin name of the pine tree is Pinus Pinea.

Pine trees are one of the most widespread tree species that have spread throughout the world and have found a place to grow in almost all countries.

Pine wood is also used in making some perfumes. In fact, we have often heard the name of a perfume with a pine scent. Because pine is one of the trees that has a good smell. Australian pine is one of the most popular woods in the woodworking industry. Pine wood is used in furniture production, cabinet making and building strong and durable houses in Australia.


Ironwood bark is very hard, with an interlocking grain and a relatively coarse gray texture

Ironbark shows a stunning range of colors from pale brown and gray to dark chocolate brown as well as deep red. Ironbark trees are named for their thick, compact and hard bark. Durable lumber is ideal for high-traffic areas and is used for flooring in commercial and residential buildings.

Australian Karri Timber

Color/Appearance: It is golden to reddish brown, sometimes with an orange or purple color. Color tends to darken with age. Spruce wood is grayish-white. Interlocking grains create banded patterns on sawn surfaces.

Efficiency: The work is difficult due to its density. It may also cause tearing during veneering operations, especially on sawn surfaces. It tends to tear the cutter. It glues and finishes well.

Australian Karri Timber

Red Mahogany Timber

Red mahogany wood is another common type of wood in Australia.

Mahogany is one of the most popular tree species in the world, known for its special characteristics. The place where the mahogany tree grows and the main characteristics of this tree have also been the subject of much curiosity.

Mahogany is a type of tree that often grows in Central America, especially in the West Indies. The mahogany tree is also found in the African continent because it grows mostly in warm climates. This type of tree does not grow in Iran; it comes from abroad.

Characteristics of mahogany wood:

  • The trunk of the tree is very large and has medium pores.
  • It is a tree with a very tight structure and little flexibility.
  • Mahogany is used in carving and turning processes.

Australian White Oak

Australian white oak wood has fewer patterns and pores than red varieties. Of course, this wood also has designs that express the age of the tree. This is why this wood is used to make barrels and in the shipbuilding industry. Both white and red kinds of oak wood are used for furniture, flooring, architecture and cabinet-making industries.

oak wood has a smooth appearance and coarse texture. White oak is very popular for flooring and wooden furniture construction. Compared to red oak, white oak has longer textures and the possibility of water penetration in this wood is relatively less.

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