Which Wood Is Best For Wardrobes? [The Best Supplier Of Wood For All Kinds Of Wardrobes]

Types of Wood for Wardrobes and Closets

The use of suitable and high-quality wood is particularly important in the construction of wardrobes and closets. Among them, there are types of wood that are used in interior decoration for use in different parts of the house. Before choosing a specific type of wood, especially for making wardrobes, it is better to do the necessary research in this field and get enough information about the characteristics of different types of wood. Some types of wood are considered the main material of wardrobes and closets that match your expectations and interior decoration.

Although strong and resistant wardrobes that are made and presented using high-quality types of wood may have a high price, they also have good quality. This type of wood brings a unique beauty and is known as one of the strong and durable pieces of equipment.


One of the types of wood that is made of natural wood veneer is plywood, which is used in the construction of wardrobes and closets. The placement position of the plywood covers is horizontal and vertical, and the sheet produced by gluing them together has high resistance in different types. Since it can withstand heavy tools such as hinges and handles, it has attracted the attention of many cabinet makers.

Another advantage of this type of wood is the simple and easy use of sheets and tools, which has made it a practical material. Due to its high resistance compared to MDF, it is known as a widely used material for making wardrobes and closets.

Plywood Wardrobes

Disadvantages of Plywood

Although plywood has many advantages for making wardrobes, it also has disadvantages. Including the fact that this type of wood becomes heavy if it comes into contact with water and it is better to stay away from contact with water. In addition, in order to be able to cut this type of wood, it is necessary to use special blades. Although the price of plywood is high compared to some types of wood for making wardrobes and closets, it has been considered a suitable option due to its high quality and durability.

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Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is one of the types of materials used in the construction of wardrobes and closets. You may have heard of this type of wood with titles such as composite wood or manufactured wood. To form this type of wood, the joining of fibers and particles together with glue is used to form composite materials. In fact, to make engineered wood, different types of hard and soft wood are used. This type of wood has different types and some of them are also made with wood waste.

Engineered Wood

Advantages of Engineered Wood

This type of wood can be designed according to the intended application. Since it is available and offered in a wide range, it is widely used.

The use of this type of wood is simple and it can be cut and connected easily and firmly.

The price of this type of wood is affordable, that’s why compared to other types of wood, it has attracted many customers.

Disadvantages of Engineered Wood

Since there are different types of engineered wood, formaldehyde glue is used in the manufacture of some types of this type of wood, which is a type of toxic glue.

This type of wood absorbs water, and in order to make it look beautiful, it needs to be polished and an outer layer like a cover should be used for it.

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MDF is one of the types of wood widely used in interior decoration. This type of wood has medium density and resin or wax fibers and soft and hard wood pieces are used in its construction. Since the components of this type of wood are pressed using heat, they have high resistance. This type of wood is one of the practical and available options for making wardrobes and closets.

MDF is considered one of the types of strong wood that is easy to work with and for this reason, it has many fans. It is better not to use this type of wood for outdoors because it absorbs water at a high rate and its vulnerability to moisture and water is high. Since this type of wood is produced and supplied in different types with different thicknesses and different qualities, it has a wide application.

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MDF Wardrobes

Advantages of MDF Wood

This type of wood has a reasonable price and is offered at a better price than plywood.

Cutting and working with this type of wood is simple and its installation is easy.

This type of wood has better paintability because it has a smooth surface and materials such as sheets can be easily used on it. For this reason, this type of wood can be considered for making all kinds of wardrobes and closets according to the customer’s order.


Another type of wood that is used in making wooden items, including wardrobes, is chipboard. Chipboard is actually known as a wooden product that is viewed as a board. In the construction of this type of wood, compounds such as wood chips and lignocellulosic materials are used, which stick together by heat or pressure. Chipboard is produced in different forms, the type of pressing of which is different from each other. This type of wood can be used to make all kinds of wooden items and it is also used for wardrobes and closets. In addition, chipboard has different classifications in terms of the type of chips used in their construction.

The properties of raw materials and components of the type of board have a significant impact on the durability and final quality of this product. Since chipboard is light in weight, it is known as a resistant product. One of the important things that should be considered in the production is the uniform use of compounds, so that finally after the compression operation, a strong and resistant product is obtained.

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Chipboard Wardrobes

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Chipboard

This type of wood is considered a good option for various commercial operations.

The price of the chipboard is more suitable than the ones mentioned.

Paint or sealer should be used to cover it.

One of the disadvantages of this type of wood is its low durability and it may be damaged and disintegrated due to exposure to water. Therefore, the use of chipboard is not suitable for outdoor spaces because it will lose its good properties in the face of rain.

To choose the best type of wood for the production and design of wardrobes and closets, it is better to pay attention to things such as cost, durability, type of design, the desired space, and the climate of the desired place. However, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the wood for use in the desired location and it should be examined from different aspects.

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