Wooden or Metal Pergola – Which One Is Better?

Which One Is Better? Wooden or Metal Pergola

If your backyard space is large and you want to have a pavilion inside the yard or you are thinking of building a pergola in the complex or villa area, surely the question arises for you that a wooden or metal pergola is better? Among the types of pavilions that exist, these two options are more useful and that is why most people who are thinking of building a pavilion in the yard are hesitant to use a wooden pavilion or go for metal types. In this article, we try to help you make the best choice by examining the differences between metal pavilions and wooden pavilions.

Differences Between Wooden and Metal Pergolas

As mentioned, in answer to the question of whether the wooden pavilion is better or metal, we need to know the features and characteristics of each of them so that we can make a better choice. That’s why we decided to explain the differences between a wooden pavilion and a metal pavilion to you:

Differences Between Wooden and Metal Pergolas

Differences in Material

Wooden pavilions are made of natural or processed wood, but metal pavilions are designed from a variety of metals that can be stored on site. The wood used to make wooden pavilions is very resistant in terms of temperature, sunlight and even humidity, and therefore more durable. But in the case of metal, you should know that temperature changes strongly affect metals, and on the other hand, most metal pavilions will rust due to changes in humidity. Another problem with metal pavilions is that the metal gets very hot from the heat and very cold from the cold. But such a situation does not exist in a wooden pavilion.

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Environmentally Friendly

 Another difference between a wooden pavilion and a metal pavilion is their environmental friendliness. Wood is a natural material and if after a while your pavilion breaks down and part of it needs to be repaired, you can leave the broken wood in the environment without worrying about damaging the environment, but we have to say that, unfortunately, metals cost a lot to extract and therefore make the price of metal pavilions more expensive. On the other hand, the use of metal pavilions is not environmentally friendly, because the installation of metal requires construction materials and equipment for cutting, and also the presence of metal in the soil harms its properties.

In discussing the compatibility of a wooden pavilion with nature, we must state that if the pergola does not work for you after a while, its wood can still be used to make disposable pallets, and as a result, the need to cut down trees is reduced.

Variety in Appearance

Of course, you cannot find the variety of a wooden pavilion in a metal pavilion because it is very difficult to form metal, but wood can be easily polished and the most beautiful wooden pavilion for your yard can be made according to your plan. On the other hand, woods naturally have a wide variety of colors and textures, which will make the wooden pavilion more beautiful.

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Harmony Between Different Parts of the Yard

The beauty of the area will be fulfilled only when there is harmony between all its parts. We are thinking of planting flowers and plants inside the yard and we use beautiful paving stones to design it. Now, if we choose a wooden pergola, the beauty of the area will definitely be more. Wood is a natural material and makes the green space of a house and a villa look like a small forest. But this is not the case with metal. Metal is a material used in industry and its presence in the green space will seem like a completely foreign element.

Painting the Pavilion

You are free to paint wooden pavilions. Depending on the type of wood you choose, you can use very beautiful colors to make the color inside the pavilion more beautiful. But there is a limit to metal and not every color can be used on metal.

Ease of Repairs

 If your wooden pavilion has a problem, you can easily repair it with healthy wooden parts, but there is really hard work for metal and you will need tools to cut the metal and use healthy metals.

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Important Factors for Choosing Wood to Build a Wooden Pavilion

Maybe by reading this article, you have decided to use a wooden pavilion for your yard. In choosing the type of wood, you should pay attention to some very important features and factors:

  • Selected wood must be resistant to sunlight. Ultraviolet rays can easily damage the wood texture and cause it to rot. Therefore, you should choose woods that are resistant to these rays.
  • The stability of wood dimensions due to changes in the temperature is another factor that you should pay attention to when choosing wood for a wooden pavilion. Anyway, with the change of seasons, temperature fluctuations occur and if the volume of wood also changes, many cracks occur inside the wooden pavilion that you will have to repair or replace in the short term.
  • It is also very important that the selected wood is resistant to moisture. It must be interesting for you to say that wooden pavilions are also used in the north of finland, where there is normally heavy rain. In such cases, you should choose woods such as thermowood that are very durable and do not rot.
  • Discussion of the resistance of selected woods to insects and fungi is one of the important factors for setting up a wooden pavilion.

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Types of Wood Used to Make Wooden Pavilions

According to the factors mentioned in choosing wood for making a pavilion, at the end of the article we will explain some of the best types of wood, used to make a wooden pergola:


One of the best and most durable woods for making wooden pavilions is called mesquite, which has a high density and its texture is so strong that it is known as one of the strongest woods.


This wood is also dense and can withstand any climatic conditions. So you can use an oak wooden pavilion for your villa or building in any area.

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Russian Wood

Some woods can be used in certain situations. If you are sure that your pavilion is in a shady environment and the sun does not shine directly on it, you can use Russian wood. Of course, provided you cover the wood with special paint. In this case, you are sure that the life and durability of the wood will increase. 

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about Russian Wood


As you know, thermowood is a type of wood formed by exposure to high temperatures and pressures. Therefore, any type of wood that you place inside vacuum furnaces at high temperatures and pressures will become thermowood and will have the greatest resistance to temperature fluctuations, sunlight and humidity. Since thermowood wood is expensive, its usage for making wooden pavilions is more frequent in the northern villas of finland, because in these areas we must use a wood that has the highest resistance to moisture

The quality of the chosen wood for furniture, interior decoration and exterior application, not only determines its durability, but is also very important from an aesthetic point of view.

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