What Kind Of Wood Is Used To Make A Wooden Partition? (Which Wood Is Stronger?)

Wooden Partition
Partition in the decoration industry is used to separate one space from another, or to divide a large environment into several smaller ones, or to assign a personal space to a person.
Partitions are also used as the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to improve workspace and home interior decoration.
It is one of the preferred building elements because it can be used conveniently and practically.
If you don’t want specific parts of your house to be visible or if you want to separate your living room from the kitchen, you can use wooden room partition designs according to your taste or decoration.
make wooden partition
Again, partitions can be purchased half-size or full-size, depending on preference.
The full floor-to-ceiling length is ideal for those who want to completely divide their room.
The wooden partition can be used in places where there is no moisture or the humidity is very low. Water contact with wooden partitions causes these products to destroy.
As a result, the most important thing to buy a wooden partition is to choose an environment where there is no humidity. Choosing the right environment without humidity increases the lifespan of the partition.

Elements needed to make a wooden partition:

A wooden partition is defined as a building element that provides the creation of different sections in the building, allows the creation of spaces to be perceived separately, and is kept in the foreground with lightness and a healthy structure.

Wood glue:

It is a wood glue that is used in the corner, middle and joinery of the wooden partition wall. This glue is based on polyvinyl acetate, based on water, it is an emulsion glue.


It is used to connect the wooden partition wall. They are named according to the standard diameter and length.


There are connecting elements that are used to connect wood pieces.


The connecting elements are made of wood and metal, which are used in the corner of the wooden partition wall frame.
Elements needed to make a wooden partition:

Types of wooden partitions

Fixed or wall wooden partition

These partitions separate two places from each other or divide a specific space of a residence or commercial or office apartment. These partitions are soundproof and support at least 53 dB.
The wooden partition separating the space:
These partitions are movable wooden partitions.

Sliding wooden partition

These partitions are moving along a rail, which means that they are installed on aluminum and metal rails, and sometimes they are made in such a way that they are placed inside the wall.
Of course, all these partitions are available in different materials, but the wooden partition is more useful and beautiful for various reasons.

Advantages of wooden partition:

  • When making changes and creating space in the building, wooden partition walls can be used. When you need a new area, one of the reasons that it is preferred is because it is a simple installation and a quick solution. Providing a modern appearance to office facilities, they provide a low-cost and quick solution.
  • It is possible to create curvature and designs to the wooden partition.
  • Unlike the aluminum partition, there is no risk of electricity in the wooden partition.
  • The wooden partition can be repainted and polished if needed.
  • Unique designs.
  • Anti-strike.
  • Removing the bad appearance on the walls.
  • movable or fixed.
  • It appeals to your taste and your budget.
  • Thermal insulator.
  • Short assembly time.
  • Soundproof.
  • fireproof.
  • Installation without damaging the floor.
  • Modular system.
  • No extra burden.
  • The wooden partition system, which has received more attention in recent years due to its practical use and amazing designs in decoration, also includes various models.
Movable wooden partitions consist of independent parts. These independent parts are easy to move thanks to the guide and rail parts.
The biggest difference that distinguishes movable wooden partition walls from other types of partitions is that they are supported from the ceiling. It is also simple to set up and very easy to use. Since it is not a fixed system, it can be taken apart when not needed and reinstalled and used when needed.
A wooden partition is one of the best alternatives that can be used to divide any space.

What type of wood is used to make a wooden partition?

  • There are different types of wood, and according to their use, you should choose the right wood for the right use.
  • MDF boards, quick and easy to install and assemble, cut profiles are suitable for wooden partitions.
  • In which parts of the house can wooden partitions be used?
  • Separation of the entrance spaces of the house.
  • Separation of the living room and dining table.
  • Separation of large bedrooms.
  • Separation of reception and living rooms.
  • Creating a home library and separating it from the living space.
What type of wood is used to make a wooden partition?


Wooden partition in houses serves to separate one part from other parts of the house or divide it. The most common use of partitions is in cases where the size of a part of the desired place is so large that the need to divide the space is felt.
Wooden partition is one of the new wooden structures that are used in many houses, offices and commercial centers today. Wooden partition in houses serves to separate one part from other parts of the house or divide it.
Room partitions, which are used in many parts of the house, are generally used in large halls. It can be installed without any modifications. Very modern partition models can be found at affordable prices.

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