The Strongest And Best Wood For Work Desk And Dining Table

Best Wood For Work Desk And Dining Table

Since the invention of the desk, wood has been the most important material used on the desk. Although parts such as stone and glass are used in some desk models, a wooden desk never goes out of fashion.

Not all wood is suitable for making a wooden desk. For this purpose, trees that have completed their life and do not grow are selected and cut. The tree species that are cut are generally native trees such as walnut, ash, hornbeam and beech.

But you can use wood such as teak for making desks and chairs. Wooden desks are usually made from one piece. The size of the desk should be proportional to the thickness of the tree. For this, the size of the wooden desks itself is different.

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The importance of choosing the appropriate wood for making a desk or dining table:

Before you start building a wooden desk, you need to decide what kind of wood you want to use. While the type and color of wood affects the choice, its durability and shininess are factors that determine the price of a wooden desk.

Before it becomes a wooden desk, you need to cut and dry it.

If the wood dries by itself, then the moisture content will not be reduced to the desired level and the drying process will take a long time.

Although the baking process may seem easy, this step requires proficiency.

Removing the wood too early during baking prevents the wood from losing its moisture, while the cracks in the wood are created in the furnace. For this, the duration of the baking process is very important.

Although the cracks on the wood give a natural look to the desk, while excessive cracks reduce the use and performance of the desk.

The wood that is dried by the baking method reaches the required standards, in this way, the desired and smooth surface appears.

After the wood is prepared, with protective layers, varnishing and the desired color is applied.

Leg connections are important in a wooden desk. The legs are formed according to the design. If you would like, wooden or metal legs can be installed.

After completing the mentioned processes, the wooden desk is now ready for use.

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Which trees are suitable for making wooden desks?

The most widely used trees in the construction of work desks are: fir, hornbeam, walnut, pine and oak.

Walnut wood:

American walnut is the most famous type of walnut. Walnut wood has natural knots and unique patterns on it that attract the eye of every viewer.

These appearance characteristics have made walnut wood one of the most popular woods for making dining tables and sofa front desks. The beautiful veins of walnut wood increase as it gets closer to the root.

In North America, walnuts grow from Vermont to the Great Plains and south through Louisiana and Texas. It’s color varies from white to dark brown and is known for its large pores and knots. Its common types include Brazilian walnut, Caribbean walnut, black walnut, and the famous North American walnut wood.

Hornbeam wood:

Hornbeam is a medium-sized tree that it’s height is between 15 and 25 meters, and sometimes it’s height reaches 30 meters, and it is one of the classic types of desk wood. Hornbeam wood is used as making wagons and also in making paper.

Cherry wood:

Trees like cherry wood and walnut have dark tones. Pine and oak trees are used in shades of gray and green. Pine wood can be used due to easy processing.

If you have no problem with the budget, walnut can be a good choice.


The scientific name of this wood is Fagus Orientalis and it is one of the types of classic desk wood. Beech is a shade-loving tree and therefore has a lot of foliage. From the appearance properties of beech wood, the interior is indistinct and has a reddish cream color.

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Oak wood and mahogany come close in quality, though not as high as walnut. If you want to use the desk outdoors, solid veneer oak can be preferred. Oak wood is one of the types of classic desk wood, which is compressed and strong, and is a symbol of strength and endurance, and has been one of the most important building materials in Eastern Europe since a long time ago.

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Fir wood:

Adaptable with today’s modern homes, fir desks are a good choice because they are both decorative and durable.

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Since the first material that comes to mind when talking about a dining table is wood, manufacturers have been providing with new models for years and trying to produce the most stylish desk.

By changing production techniques, the woods used on the table are different from each other. In the first step, to know the types of suitable wood for making a desk, then it is necessary to know the characteristics of tree wood.

The most preferred desk models in classic interior architecture are embroidered models. These types of desks are usually sold with chairs. These models, which are said to be handcrafted, are unique because they are special designs. The disadvantage of these types of desks is that they are more sensitive because they are made of organic wood and naturally require regular maintenance.

If naturalness is preferred at home or at work, a wooden desk is the ideal choice. It can easily be used for both the dining table and the work desk. Being in different designs and colors makes it easy to use it as desired in decoration.

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